ValueLabs: Creating the ‘New Age Enterprise’ – By Kiran Kuchimanchi, SVP-Global Delivery, ValueLabs

Rising competition, data security and compliance pressures have made it imperative to ensure high-quality, high-performance and high-availability of business critical software and data, all under a highly secure environment. The importance of enterprise mobility cannot be overstated in this climate. ValueLabs works with enterprises to help them maximize the potential of their enterprise mobility strategy.

Cross-Site Scripting Attack (XSS) – A Major Security Threat for Agile Environments – By Narayana Maruvada, System Analyst-QA, ValueLabs

Today’s dynamic websites suffer from serious vulnerabilities, making organizations helpless and prone to attacks on their sensitive data and information resources. At this juncture, security becomes an integral component of the application development process, and a strategic necessity from the organization’s standpoint. This article is featured in Agile Record, the magazine for agile developers and testers in February 2014, issue 14.