Leadership Team

Arjun Rao, CEO and Founder

Arjun is the founder and CEO of ValueLabs. He started ValueLabs in 1997 with a vision to create a unique company; one with a different approach to business. He has created an entity that is focused on building true partnerships with clients and employees, growing with purpose, ethical in approach and fully aware of its social responsibilities.

Armed with the insight that clients can derive true and sustainable competitive advantage using the offshore model, ValueLabs, under the leadership of Arjun, has grown rapidly. Often quoted by Arjun, ValueLabs has only two stake-holders – clients and employees. This approach to building relationships, focusing on partnerships and a long-term outlook is part of our unique culture.

Arjun provides key strategic direction to the company and ensures, by example, that we never lose sight of our culture and values.

Arjun is actively involved in the IT industry and is one of two members from the private sector on the governing council of the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI). He is an active member of the Young Presidents Organization, an organization focused on creating better leaders through education and idea exchange. Arjun is a director in InsightMethods, a start-up in the market research space. Until recently, he was a director on the board of Multimedia Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia, which is the technology company of the multi-billion dollar Usaha Tegas Group of Malaysia.

Arjun earned an MS from Cornell University, USA, where he held the A.D. White Fellowship. He has a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India, where he graduated at the top of his class.

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Harini Rao Donakanti, President and Co-founder

Harini Rao is the co-founder of ValueLabs. She brings along her experience in managing client accounts and mass media advertising. She possesses an extensive knowledge of offshore software services. She has played a vital role in leading the company from its inception stages to profitability. With sheer perseverance, strong leadership and incessant focus on delivering customer value, she has helped in establishing ValueLabs as a premier software services company.

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Ram Manjeri, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Ram is the Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing at ValueLabs. Based out of India, Ram is responsible for growing ValueLabs business and building relationships world-wide for our services. In addition, he is also responsible for building out the Sales and Marketing infrastructure for the Products Division.

With over 20 years of experience spearheading and managing profit centers for growth, Ram brings his expertise in managing diverse functions to ValueLabs. Prior to ValueLabs, Ram headed business development at a custom software development company that grew twelve-fold in his 10-year stint with them. He started his career at Shaw Wallace & Company Limited, where he held P&L responsibility for an entire State in India. Subsequently, he moved to the IT industry, setting up a sales channel in South India for software products.

Combined with his “if-its-worth-doing-its-worth-doing-well” approach and “hands-on” management style, Ram has been able to significantly accelerate the sales and marketing initiatives at ValueLabs. Extremely focused and detail oriented, Ram uses his excellent communication skills, subtle sense of humor and friendly demeanor to great effect.

Ram is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta, India) and has a Bachelor of Technology degree (Electrical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India).

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Ajit Kumar, SVP, Operations & Strategic Planning

Ajit is SVP, Operations & Strategic Planning at ValueLabs and has been with the company for more than ten years. His designation covers only a part of his responsibilities. At the tangible end of the spectrum, he is responsible for operations including administration, HR and finance. He is also driving our strategic initiatives to help build new business areas to take ValueLabs into the next stage of growth. While at the intangible end of the spectrum, he is responsible for preserving our culture, ensuring an excellent working environment, maintaining a politics-free meritocracy based system, inculcating a focus on cost throughout the company and planning to handle the growth of the company.

Ajit started his career in the area of QA / Testing, and has deep experience in all facets of company operations. Previously, he has played a key role in defining the offshore operations and exceptional delivery capabilities of ValueLabs. His experience spans working with clients across geographies with large multi-location teams.

Extremely focused at work, he has risen through the ranks at ValueLabs and continues to manage his extremely demanding schedule in a systematic manner. His upfront and transparent approach is illustrative of the organization’s culture of openness Ajit has played a key role in building ValueLabs and its unique culture.

Ajit has a Masters degree in Computer Applications and is well versed in a range of technologies.

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Kiran Kumar, SVP, Global Delivery

Kiran is SVP, Global Delivery at ValueLabs. Kiran is responsible for managing the entire client delivery activities at ValueLabs. In addition, Kiran drives our Telecom and Media industry practice due to his deep experience in managing clients in this space his additional focus area is to componentize the IP that we own in this space. He also champions our product suites in the mobile technology and interactive TV space.

Kiran was the second person to join ValueLabs.

With over 13 years of experience spanning client management, project delivery, program management and managing relationships, Kiran brings to the table his experience in managing some of the largest client engagements in ValueLabs.

Behind his affable exterior, Kiran possesses deep expertise in mobile related technologies and a keen analytical mind. He has helped define the culture of the company and epitomizes what we would like everyone at ValueLabs to be: always available, always happy to help and always composed. His approach to work follows the doctrine “Actions speak louder than words”.

Kiran has a Masters degree in Computer Applications.

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Aseervadam Gandham, SVP, Client Services & Products Division

Aseervadam G, better known as Ashir, is SVP, Client Services at ValueLabs. Ashir directly manages several key client relationships for ValueLabs. He is also responsible for our Products Division, which collects ideas, identifies those worth taking to the market, creates products and takes them to market. Ashir has great experience around Healthcare and Travel related services, and over the medium term, will create vertical practices around these.

Ashir also drives IT initiatives that have a direct impact on our ability to deliver as well as those that improve efficiencies in the running of the company. He manages our Quality initiatives (CMMI, ISO, BS 27001, etc.) and is the driving force behind a passion for quality throughout the organization.

Ashir is ValueLabs’ first employee.

Ashir brings with him extensive experience across domains and regions. He has the ability to cut across hierarchies and connect with people at a personal level. Extremely approachable and easy to get along with, Ashir has been able to bring out the best in every person who works with him.

His personality, his adeptness in handling and resolving difficult situations, his ability to mediate and reconcile differences, and his desire to “leave people better off for having come into contact with him” has made Ashir the de-facto ‘mentor’ at ValueLabs.

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Ajit Manjappara, VP & Regional Head, Sales

Ajit is the Vice President – Sales at ValueLabs. Ajit handles our sales efforts in North America. He is responsible for major sales interventions and provides strategy and direction to our sales campaigns in the region. He joined ValueLabs in April 2006. He has started his career as a sales executive for Proline Sports Wear in 1989. Ajit was instrumental in building the company’s Indian operations. He holds a Masters in Marketing (MMS) from SPJIMR (Mumbai, India).

Ajit is a very dynamic and optimistic person with utmost commitment to work. He believes in motivating his team members by leading from the very front and is always ready to help them in challenging situations. He has that rare ability to remain calm and composed even under high pressure. He works towards perfection and ensures his teammates achieve heights of excellence in whatever they do. He loves mentoring people.

Ajit is an avid reader, and more importantly, he remembers everything he reads.

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Krishna Reddy, VP, Operations & Head, Human Resources

Krishna Reddy handles company operations and heads the Human Resources and Admin departments at ValueLabs. He is actively involved in talent acquisition, training and development, strategic organizational development interventions and in instilling a positive work culture at ValueLabs.

Krishna has streamlined the human resources function and the related processes in ValueLabs. The talent acquisition activity has become very efficient and has scaled rapidly over the past few years due to the efforts put in by Krishna. His efforts in increasing our employee count to nearly 2000 employees today is indeed remarkable. In his current stint with ValueLabs, Krishna has received tremendous appreciation and respect from his colleagues, owing to his simplicity and friendly nature.

An MBA from IBAM (New Delhi, India), he was associated with WebMD and Citigroup prior to joining ValueLabs. He was a core member of the team that set up WebMD’s operations in India.

He focuses on instilling trust and confidence in all at ValueLabs while ensuring that the productivity and delivery capability of his team is consistently high. A hardworking and dedicated person, he is instrumental in developing a strong and a vibrant human resource base for the organization

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Manoj TK, Head, IT & RIM Services

Manoj is the Head of IT at ValueLabs. He is in charge of the IT infrastructure management of the company and has played a key role in setting up our world-class infra. Manoj also heads ValueLabs’ Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services; where we remotely manage, monitor and control IT infrastructure for clients across the globe. He is responsible for building and managing the IT team that ensures a 24x7x365 production uptime and business continuity.

Manoj joined us in April 2005. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a premier engineering college in India and has very strong technical skills. Prior to joining ValueLabs, Manoj was part of the core team that set up the world-wide infra for the largest online gaming company in the world (listed on the London Stock Exchange).

A proactive and a fun-loving person, Manoj keeps his interest in music alive by regularly playing the tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) and the keyboard.

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Sandeep Alva, VP, Sales

Sandeep (aka Sam) Alva has over 10 years of experience in the IT services space and is responsible for ValueLabs’ sales and business development activities in the US East Coast.

Sam brings to ValueLabs a potent combination of the understanding of the IT services, enterprise application market space, the ValueLabs culture and value proposition. He has international experience and exposure to domains like BFSI, 3PL Providers, Health Care, Payment Processing and eLearning. His career has spanned early stage companies and mature organizations.

He joined ValueLabs in 2005 as one of the initial members of the sales organization. He is an integral part of the team that was instrumental in ValueLabs’ rapid growth. Sam has provided an impetus to our new client acquisition effort.

Prior to joining ValueLabs, Sam worked in various sales and business development roles at Sonata Software, Tarang Technologies and USi.

Sam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Pune / India and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) from TAPMI, Manipal / India. He lives and works out of Princeton, New Jersey.

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Radhakrishna Thatavarti, Head – Banking & CRM Practice, Quality Assurance

Radhakrishna brings with him over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with the initial 10 years in designing new services, demonstrating, executing, managing and delivering software testing projects across technologies and domains. Radha has hands-on experience in designing efficient test automation architecture and running application performance centers.

At ValueLabs, Radha is focused on building specialized testing services for Banking and CRM practice areas. Radha, with his previous experience in managing many engagements for large banks, brings tremendous domain and technology insights. In addition, his project management experience across various stages of SDLC and STLC has been vital in building these practice areas. Leveraging this knowledge, Radha has developed and designed a unique approach for the entire practice, leveraging robust frameworks, pre-built tools / assets and domain knowledge, enabling accelerated ROI for clients. Radha is on a mission of building a large practice for us in domains like Banking, Telecom, MRD, Government, Energy, and CRM Vertical.

Radha is client oriented and focused on delivering value for every Dollar they spend. With this objective, Radha engages subject matter experts, business analysts and product specialists in every engagement to ensure business risks are analyzed and addressed proactively.

Prior to joining ValueLabs, Radha helped Maveric Systems win an array of clients, including their first client from the telecom domain. Radhakrishna’s entrepreneurial drive enabled him to set up his own successful venture, Thatavarti Technologies, which was focused on providing testing services to clients. Radhakrishna has also been associated with Virtusa, BirlaSoft and RelQ Software. Radha holds a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Sir M VIT, Bangalore.

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Sarat Vatti, VP, Global Sales

Sarat Vatti is VP, Global Sales at ValueLabs. He is responsible for the growth of the Company’s Services business globally.

Prior to this, as AVP, Global Delivery, he led the company’s service operations with a focus on ensuring quality and consistency of delivery to our clients worldwide. He has played a vital role in implementing best practices across the organization and instilling a high performance culture across teams to build enduring client relationships. He also brings to the table his rich experience in handling some of our largest client engagements, in addition to managing a range of clients across domains and geographies.

Sarat joined ValueLabs in 1999. In his decade-plus tenure with the company, he has handled multiple roles and responsibilities. He has grown with the company, from a software developer to his current position. With a strong belief in management by redundancy and by empowering individuals to succeed, he has been able to scale up and serve different roles in the organization.

Sarat has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Madras University.

He is an avid believer in giving back to the society; for him, it’s not a responsibility, it’s just being human.

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