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sudhakamath-imgSudha Kamath, Technical Lead, QA

When I joined ValueLabs, there were around nine members in my team. They were extremely supportive in making a new employee feel at home, right from day one. I am glad that the same atmosphere prevails even today when the team has grown to its present strength of 90 associates within three years.

I am very proud to be a part of the ValueLabs family, where challenges are a pleasant part of life. It feels great to have freedom, respect, a friendly culture, inspiration to innovate, and constant motivation to excel. I draw all my inspiration from our CEO ‘Arjun Sir,’ and consider him as my role model.

Finally, to be appreciated and recognized by the organization is extremely satisfying. In simple words, ‘A place to be @ work is where Value and Innovation co-exist’ is exactly what ValueLabs has in store for everyone.

ashishmohantyAsish Mohanty, Assistant Manager,
Process Management Group

In the year 2008, I joined ValueLabs as an Associate PMG. The growth opportunities here are really amazing from a career point of view. During my four-and-half years at ValueLabs, I discovered a lot of strengths in the organization. For instance, the people / colleagues I have been working with, amazing leadership from my seniors, transparent work environment and people-friendly policies, to name a few. These strengths have been helping me shape my career, while understanding the bigger business perspective. The biggest plus point of the culture here is tolerance towards failure, while moving towards success.

My experience in ValueLabs has taught me that achieving perfection is one side of the coin and sustaining it is the other. So I plan my work basis a simple rule – give it a 100%, and then give some more each time and every time.

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