ValueLabs is known for its excellent physical and IT infrastructure. We are also the first IT company in India to have commissioned our own captive solar power plant to be energy self reliant, besides promoting clean energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Physical Infrastructure

With 25 offices across the globe, ValueLabs brings the perfect mix of offshore and near-shore advantage to its clients. Our corporate office, spread over two acres, comprises of 170,000 square feet of space that can accommodate 1,600 employees. We inaugurated another new facility in Hyderabad in 2013, which is probably one of the first agile-ready facilities in the world in terms of seating, noise cancelling features, and video communication infrastructure. The facility covers 145,000 square feet of space, and can accommodate 1,600 people. Besides these two offices, we have three more development centers in Hyderabad.

Within India, we have a business continuity site in Chennai spread over 19,000 square feet of space that can accommodate 200 people.

We have also added two more offices in Bangalore and Indore in India. With this, ValueLabs now enjoys a total of 600,000 square feet space in India that can accommodate about 5,000 employees.

In most of our offices, one-third of the space is kept free for employee interactions and activities. Besides this, all our facilities in Hyderabad are energy efficient.

Power back-up facility

ValueLabs has adequate power back-up facility to ensure uninterrupted operations across all its facilities in India. This includes a total of 11,000 KVA DG sets and 2,200 KVA UPS systems. In more than 19 years of its operations, work at ValueLabs was never impacted due to external power outage.

Captive solar power plant

ValueLabs has installed 13 MW captive solar power plants to be energy self reliant besides promoting clean power and reducing carbon foot print. With this, ValueLabs becomes the first software company in India to generate its own power from its captive power plant to meet the entire electricity requirements of its offices in Hyderabad.

IT Infrastructure

Global IT support & monitoring

All Internet links and network infrastructure are monitored through a robust 24X7 SLA-based NOC monitoring system.

We have a centralized global IT team to maintain our entire IT infrastructure in all our facilities across the globe.

Internet facilities
  • We have dual links from tier 1 service providers for redundancy purposes. Both the service providers are routed through different paths to reach many parts of the world. By doing so, we ensure appropriate redundancy in the event of any major outage.
  • We have purchased IPv4 addresses from APNIC so that we can advertise our own network on the internet and eliminate any ISP dependency.
  • We receive full routing table from the service providers so that our routers can take a routing decision based on the best path without depending on the service providers for taking any routing decision.
  • eBGP neighbor relationship is formed with both the service providers, and IBGP relationship is formed between both the border routers so that the best routes can be selected out of both the service providers and are inserted in the routing table.
  • Service providers are also asked to inject default route though a full internet routing table is received from the upstream border router. The sole purpose of this default route is to originate this route to OSPF area which connects border routers to firewall cluster. This helps the firewalls to reach the border routers enabling the outgoing traffic to be sent to the best available one.
  • As two default routes with same metrics will be injected by OSPF, the outgoing traffic will be balanced over both the service providers.
  • In order to fine tune the routing further, we have divided major network into two smaller networks and advertised network 1 through first service provider and network 2 via second service provider. By doing so, the return traffic for network 1 and network 2 will always route through first service provider and second service provider, respectively allowing us to do the required optimization.
Server and hosting facility
  • All ValueLabs enterprise servers are hosted in the ValueLabs data center. Our data center features the following:
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Redundancy in LAN and WAN links
    • 24/7 NOC and SOC monitoring
    • 24/7 IT engineering team
    • Enterprise SLA system
    • Enterprise backup system
  • Our email server is hosted on cloud with 100% uptime and global access.
Networking Infrastructure
  • We have dual enterprise firewalls deployed in active redundancy mode. Our dual eBGP routers ensure that in case of any link / router failure there will not be any outage as the network will route through the alternative service provider.
  • We have enterprise core and access switching in redundancy mode.
  • We have installed enterprise wireless solution for internal users and a separate wireless solution for guests / visitors.
IT security and IP protection
  • We have stringent IT security and IP protection processes in place. Our security-specific certifications include:
    • ISO 27001:2005
    • HIPAA compliance for our healthcare practices
    • Favorable SSAE 16 opinion from our lead auditors
  • When it comes to security, we strongly believe in the following:
    • Protect clients’ data and intellectual property
    • Keep pace with changing security landscape
    • Thwart threats and minimise business risks
  • Our commitment
    • Only authorized personnel can access clients’ data (Confidentiality)
    • Only authorized personnel can make changes to clients’ data (Integrity)
    • Clients’ data is available to authorized personnel, even in the case of a disaster (Availability)
  • Measures to ensure adequate IP / data protection
    • Five cornerstones
      • KNOWLEDGE: Proven policy and process for information security and risk management (VIMS)
      • CONTROLS: 24X7X365 physical / network security, access control, activity logging ans so on.
      • EDUCATION: Regular IP / data security awareness and training sessions
      • VALUE SYSTEM: Above all, our tenets of existence (trust, ethics, honesty) underline everything we do
      • RESULT: Not a single instance of violation or data security issue
    • Client focus:
      • Tune controls to suit client’s requirements better to their satisfaction
      • Support clients to audit our practices
    • Network level controls:
      • Port based access to externally published project servers
      • Access restriction from DMZ to internal network
      • All project-related servers hosted in DMZ zone
      • Every project is allocated with multiple functional VLANs
      • Access control between VLANs from different projects
      • Only common IT services like email/ AD permitted
      • SSID implementation for individual group
      • AD based user authentication using EAP-FAST
      • AES encryption for all wireless communication
      • Data in transit protected via site-to-site VPN
      • Client VPN for road warrior users to connect to office
      • AES encryption for data protection for VPN traffic
      • Web access control using project specific whitelist
      • Gateway level web scanning for malware/ AV
      • Blocking social networks, streaming etc
    • End point controls:
      • Mass storage device access restriction
      • Selective access to required USB and other devices
      • Log reporting and monitoring for device access
      • DLP implementation for protecting data leakage
      • Data transmission tracking and DLP logging for channels
      • Similar logging of email, web uploads, mass storage devices etc.
      • User level specific file / directory access control
      • Access to file server, code, ftp, etc. based on project need
      • Log all critical server access details
      • Sophos Enterprise antivirus security
      • WSUS server for periodic windows patch updates
      • Application control to block unwanted applications
      • Centralised group policy based on active directory
      • Security policies like password policy, account lockout policy, screen saver policy etc.
      • Gateway level spam and virus control
      • Blacklisting domain control based on spam
Communication and collaboration
  • Voice system:
    • Avaya S8800 PBX
    • We have three Voice service providers and three different DID numbers. -For 24/7 support, we can be reached on three ISPs. If One ISP goes down, we can be reached on two other ISPs
    • Voice mail systems
    • Full-fledged call routing system with a time-based access and announcements
  • Internal and external chat / voice / video messaging system:
    • Microsoft LYNC is internal and external communication with all features like chat / video call / voice call / desktop sharing / presentations
    • Video conference and collaboration
    • Avaya Radvison Telepresence system
    • Radvison video conference system which integrated with all desktop and mobile device (Android / IOS / Windows). With this people can join in video conference call from anywhere
    • Radvison Scopia Solution implemented in redundancy mode.
Disaster recovery
  • Chennai DR center is our main disaster recovery center
  • We have enterprise network infra in the DR center
  • All machine critical systems are replicated in Chennai office, with all the important data synchronized
  • All key associates are facilitated with laptop and internet.
  • We make sure every laptop comes with the following security tools:
    • Web policy control
    • DLP control
    • Enterprise AV and security

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