Value Proposition

We are an exemplary technology-driven organization, focused on delivering value and innovation to our clients.

Over 15 of our more than 150 clients consider us a strategic partner, with the average tenure of these engagements being more than 9 years. We have developed several long-standing relationships with our clients, and this is best evidenced by the high percentage of repeat business and the number of referrals we receive each year from our satisfied clientele.

Our culture is the foundation of our success. A character energy that permeates across our company promotes excellence through trust, pride and teamwork. Our unique culture drives our ability to effectively harmonize the three cornerstones of success – People, Process and Technology.

  • Technology competence
    • We have rich expertise across a broad spectrum of programming languages, platforms, databases, frameworks and tools
    • We keep abreast of the latest innovations in technology to help our clients stay ahead of the curve
    • We have excellent technological infrastructure – network services, hardware, software and security to meet our clients’ unique business requirements
  • Process maturity
    • We are CMMI-DEV V1.3 Level 5, ISO and HIPAA certified to address quality, security and compliance within the organization at different levels
    • Client-Driven Process (CDP) – We provide the flexibility to accommodate clients’ way-of-work in line with their unique business processes, requirements and goals in our robust process model
    • Our processes are an amalgamation of ISO standards, industry best practices, and over 17 years of multishore execution experience
  • People management
    • Our core strength lies in the ability to build customized teams in India for our clients and over time, make these teams a seamless extension of clients’ organizations
    • We assure our clients team stability with our attrition being consistently way below the industry average. Our staff retention and longevity provides excellent ROI to our clients
    • Our culture and values support the entrepreneurial spirit in our employees and foster innovation

We have implemented a system of processes – ValueLabs Integrated Management System or VIMS, that binds people and technology together, while making sure that we keep a hold on our key differentiators. VIMS is designed to address three key elements – Quality, Security and Compliance – within our organization.

Our core competency is in building client-dedicated ‘Extended Teams’ that consistently deliver quality services and, in due course, become seamless extensions of the client. The Extended Team Model (ETM) is not just a delivery model for us; it is our operating philosophy that drives the entire organization. Through the ETM of engagement, we have helped our clients achieve clear competitive advantage beyond traditional cost efficiencies.

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