Digital Enablement

Go Digital. Go Frictionless.
The Inspiration – why go digital?

We describe ‘Digital Enablement’ in one word – ‘frictionless’.
When you make your business go digital, everything – from customer interfaces to back-end processes, data analytics to enterprise integration – everything becomes frictionless. For us, making things digital, is not about using acronyms, such as SMAC, but about fulfilling a market need to ‘simplify and make interactions frictionless’.
We believe that the value we create when we digital-enable our clients’ businesses is not just limited to their applications working better or faster; it is about impacting the lives of people that interact with our customers.

The potential – what we can do for you?

We understand digital and, more importantly, we understand what it means to your business. We will work together to remove the friction between your business and your customers – our consulting team can identify all the pain points/opportunity areas; the process teams can redesign the processes to eliminate friction; and our technology teams can fix it through a mobile app or a business dashboard or IoT or Blockchain!

We categorize our offerings in this space as follows:

Customer Experience

By definition, customer experience is critical for digital enablement. If you want to make something frictionless, the customer experience has to be simple, smooth, and omnipresent on all channels the customer might use. The other aspect that is critical is the effectiveness and efficiency processes, which can be achieved through portals and IoT-enabled technology.

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Data & Insights

Data and Insights is another critical activity in the digital enablement journey that helps us figure out where the friction stems from and make the fix accordingly, both temporarily and permanently. We simplify your ‘big data’ for you, through application of business intelligence algorithms, advanced analytics, data sciences and data warehousing, to put forth actionable insights for your business.

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Enterprise Architecture

To enable the right digital experience, business processes need to be redefined. This is when enterprise integration kicks in. The only way friction can be removed, is by ensuring proper integration across all systems and adopting the modern, more efficient, ways of managing the enterprise, yet keeping it secure.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is at the heart of everything we do at ValueLabs. We firmly believe that AI will be embedded into every business application interface of the future.

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