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Digital Care Management

Our analysis shows that epilepsy patients who are non-adherent to therapy are 30% more likely to have negative outcomes, like falls, and incur five times more medical spend as a group. It was also found that improper use of medications in osteoarthritic patients resulted in an increase in pain-related ED visits.


Knowing such facts about your patient population can help you take preventive action and go a long way in assisting you in taking control of patients’ behaviors.

ValueLabs’ Digital Care Management Solution bridges this knowledge gap and helps clients achieve their objectives around cost, quality and patient experience.

           Our solution comprises of:

  • Care insights: Unified Health Impact Score (UHIS), a proprietary score combining health risk, utilization and cost that allows for effective member segmentation; Episode Cost Analyzer (ECA) that allows for evaluating cost and outcome across a care episode rather than transactions; Care Gap Analysis to identify gaps in care as patients traverse the health system.
  • Care exchange: Integrate clinical data, prescription data, lab data, assessments, and at-home medical devices to create a holistic patient view that can help in generating care insights.
  • Care connect: Patient engagement with pre-defined care protocols for long-term conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and CHF. Multichannel capability to deliver care programs, tools for self-care, and education on patient conditions.

             Key features:

  • Ensures better care coordination by giving providers a 360-degree view of a patient record across institutions and encounters, including EHR and claims data
  • Reduces hospital admissions, length of hospital stay, and the need for hospital readmissions by supporting patients when they are most at risk and in need of care and advocacy
  • Sophisticated analytics support identification of high-risk patients and designing of focused care interventions
  • Pre-built configurable care protocols for various diseases based on clinical guidelines
  • Multichannel touch points for better patient outreach and effective care delivery
  • Enables following up with patients, help them comply with recommended therapies and treatments, improve medication adherence, lifestyle and behavioral assistance through qualified counselors

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