Research shows that 50% of healthcare spend is incurred by 5% of the population suffering from chronic illness. The conditions which account for this cost employers millions of dollars every year in terms of insurance claims, absenteeism and lost productivity.

ValueLabs MyCare Solution will help make an impact to this healthcare spend through

  • Digital technologies which provide
    • Convenient access to common health services
    • Self-monitoring through personal medical devices
    • Contextual messaging and reminders / alerts
    • Tailored programs to measure impact to healthcare costs and health outcomes
  • Identifying behavioral anomalies through proprietary algorithms for
    • Low therapy adherence
    • Low medication adherence
    • Healthy and High Utilization
  • Behavioral science techniques like
    • Gamification and Incentives
    • Personalized messaging



Impact on a day in the life of an employee


Key Features

Setup Activity

  • Identification of actionable employee segments
  • Employee Enrolment

On-going activity

  • Convenient access to common health services
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Nurse line support for Health and lifestyle Questions
  • Lifestyle & behavioral management
  • Alerts, Reminders, Notifications
  • Location based diet recommendations
  • Disease specific Educational content
  • Remote monitoring enabled through device integration
  • Health Toolkit
    • Medicine Cabinet
    • Goal Planner
    • Health Data Exchange (Caregiver/Physician)

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