Business Domain Platform

With a special emphasis on domain-led approach, our Latest endeavor is setting up a dedicated learning and development facility to enhance and show our commitment towards the Insurance domain. We have, after concentrated deliberation, transformed the concept into reality as the ‘Business Domain Platform’ (BDP). This platform is made available to new and experienced business analysts in various lines of insurance, such as life, property and casualty, general, marine, pensions, and healthcare including dental and vision.


Value adds:

  • Reusable assets
  • Domain knowledge framework
  • Ready access to skills – Insurance business analysts

Process and methodology strength:

  • Repeatable, scalable, predictable
  • CMMI Level 5 processes
  • Factory model
  • Continuous improvement

People and domain:

  • All insurance lines of businesses
  • Functional experts
  • Subject matter experts

The newly formed BDP has been established in our brand new facility in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, which is located in central India. Indore is also known as ‘Mini Mumbai’ for its flavor and penchant for commercial lines of business, including IT services.

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