TestRight as the name suggests, aims at fulfilling the need for the ‘right’ automation and intelligence based solution for the Insurance industry. It will enable our customers benefit from the advantage of accelerated testing in a dynamic and changing environment through extensive use of automation.

 The model aims at addressing the following needs of today’s insurers where testing is concerned:

  • How much to test?
  • What should be the adequate test coverage?
  • What should be the ratio of manual vs automated testing?
  • Tool set selection for carrying out automation
  • What kind of automation framework would give the best returns on investment?
  • How do we reuse test assets to an optimal level?
  • Best practices around the creation of test cases
  • Different stages of testing to be used
  • Defect leakage improvement
  • SLA and metrics governing testing engagement
  • Adoption of newer open source tool sets for testing
  • Licensing needs
  • Training and development of clients’ QA staff
  • Testing COE need, set up and phased roadmap
  • Innovative utilities /accelerators to ease the challenges of testing
  • I-based approach to address challenges faced by business users while entering test data into systems
  • DMT (Data Migration Testing) and DVT (Data Verification Testing) best practices and approach

TestRight positioning in the Testing space

  • TestRight consists of a progressive Automation Intelligence Model (patent under progress), which is a hybrid of data-driven and keyword-driven test automation approaches
  • TestRight is also a collection of industry-specific test solution accelerators that enable customers to execute their testing in a dynamic and changing environment through extensive use of automation


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