Retail and Consumer Goods

Our solutions for the retail and consumer goods sector allow you to considerably improve customer intimacy, employee engagement and operational efficiency. As a Digital Partner, we help our clients ‘realize business value through digital transformation’ by providing solutions for innovation in Business Models, Business Processes, Products, Services, and Customer Experience.

The advent of various smart devices and advanced technologies has shifted the economy from the Internet to Digital. Now, a retail customer has many more information sources and buying options. It is getting progressively more difficult to win new customers and retain them. We are certain that, as CEOs, you are fighting this challenge daily. In today’s world, the traditional response of improving the value chain and having a good online footprint is not enough. A Digital problem demands a Digital solution.

We have combined our immense experience in managing the traditional retail value chain with our deep expertise in digital concepts like Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security, and Commerce to come up with an integrated approach to Digitalization. Our domain experts help transform your business services and operations to create personalized shopping experiences, meet customer demands by building an efficient merchandising and supply chain network, and optimize operations to improve performance and operational efficiency.


  • Improve online presence – portals, e-commerce, m-commerce or s-commerce
  • Engage better with customers on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Leverage mobile devices to give a uniform customer experience across all touch points
  • Carry out advance analytics to accurately predict customer behaviour for up-sell, cross-sell and retention
  • Use data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies
  • Monetise existing data that will drive new / additional revenue
  • Improve in-store experience using elements like IoT
  • Migrate relevant apps to cloud to drive efficiencies

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