Mobile Data Services

Our experience spans all players in the mobile data services business. We help our mobile data clients develop path breaking solutions that enable them to capture new revenue streams and stay ahead of competition.


Commoditization of voice services and its plateauing growth rates are forcing mobile players to look at mobile data services as an important source of generating new revenues. With the advent of 3G, the mobile data services market has become more lucrative as highly personalized, interactive and content rich services can be enabled for customers. Mobile operators are increasingly focused on exploiting these technological advancements to differentiate their offerings from competition and increase customer loyalty. In a rapidly expanding and aggressive mobile ecosystem, bringing new services to market in time becomes crucial for success.

We have helped telecom operators launch mobile data services from ground-up and build them into profitable revenue streams for the company. Our experience covers the entire mobile data services ecosystem – telecom operators, content providers, billing systems helps us provide services that are greater than the sum of parts.

Our mobile data services portfolio includes:

  • Content delivery
  • Content streaming – mobile / broadband / IPTV
  • PTT (Push To Talk)
  • Mobile advertisements
  • Billing system integration
  • Mobile portal services
  • Reporting and alerts


Our experience spans generations of telecom technologies like 2G, 2.5G and 3G. We build portals (Internet and WAP), as well as communication components to SMSCs, MMSCs and WAP gateway systems in addition to providing integration to operator billing systems, CRM and SAP accounting.

We can help leverage our experience in enabling the data services business for our clients to drive your business – reduce churn, increase ARPU and build brand equity.

OnyxWorks – Robust, scalable and high-performance VAS platform

OnyxWorks is a one-stop solution for all mobile VAS needs. The solution is designed for mobile operators, content providers / aggregators, telecom operators, VASP, and enterprises.

The platform helps launch services and deliver content across multiple channels like SMS, MMS, WAP Push, USSD, STK, etc. The modular architecture ensures that integration to any third party component (network element like USSD, a content source like a specific XML feed, service/content provider who intends to connect on a different protocol) is addressed with minimal impact.

We provide the base platform and customize it to the specific needs of our clients. We take the end-to-end responsibility of identifying external touch points, be-spoke development and deployment along with maintenance.


OnyxWorks brings you the following benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency with the necessary features to address all VAS needs
  • Improved flexibility in supporting multiple delivery channels – SMS, MMS, WAP, USSD, STK
  • Fully customizable with a unique modular architecture
  • Easily integrable with third party systems with a plug-in architecture
  • Extremely user-friendly with intuitive design
  • Highly scalable to meet future business requirements
  • Incorporates industry best practices / compliances
  • Faster deployment with an automated workflow that can be easily customized


To know more about OnyxWorks and how our clients have successfully implemented the solution write to us at

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