Cost-effective model helped nullify the impact of slowdown

Hyderabad – January 29, 2003 – City-based ValueLabs is a software services company, which focuses on offshore development. Set up in 1997, the company provides services to clients ranging form startup companies to large corporate houses. Vice-president (technical services) Vishram Naniwadekar tells Binoy Prabhakar the company’s reset engagements and future plans.

What is the company presently focusing on?
We basically provide a strong model for offshore development, We are currently engaged in QA, web application development mobile application development, legacy system maintenance, interactive TV application development and high-level technical support. Our strength lies in the diversification of services as well as the total implementation of our products and services in accordance to a particular client’s requirement.

Is the company engaged only in the services sector?
We are also into the products segment. We have developed an ERP product for the mining industry, compatible to both open cast and underground mines. It is an integrated mine management system, catering to all aspects of the mining industry. We have implemented the product for a State Mining Company in Andhra Pradesh. The company has also developed a mobile portal for the telecom industry. However, as far as the product sector is concerned, we have always adopted with risks. But then again, we would never shy ways form products, as the ones we developed evolved gradually.

What is the recruitment scene of the company?
We are perhaps on of the few companies, which continued with our recruitment drive even through the hard times faced by the software industry. Presently we enjoy staff strength of 150. In the last one-year, we employed 60 personnel and will do the same in the next six months.

How has the last 12 months been for the company?
We took on a cautions approach during the period. Our cost-effective model in offshore development helped nullify the impact of the slowdown. Our ability to diversify and high productivity too contributed a lot in this regard. However, with our offshore development capabilities gaining greater momentum and the growing businesses at hand, we will switch to a more aggressive growth strategy in the coming months.

What are the company’s future plans?
We will continue our offshore development drive and diversify further. The interactive TV application development is a case in point. We will be moving base to a 1-acre-po9nt in Hi-tech City by 2004.