Prasad Suri, AVP ValueLabs, featured in EFY Group’s Electronics For You Feb issue

Technology publishing firm EFY Group’s flagship magazine, Electronics For You, has featured Prasad Suri, AVP (Sales and Product Engineering Services) at ValueLabs in this month’s issue. In an article titled ‘Selecting The Right Operating System for Your Next Embedded Design,’ Suri spoke about why developers have preferred to select Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), given that the prime concern in this regard is to look at compatibility with developers’ choice of compilers, debuggers and other development tools. In his quote, Suri said: “Many use Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that enable them to develop a wider range of RTOSs.” Suri also opined on why the selection of an OS that ensures the right time-to-market for an application is a critical factor for the success of a project. He said: “RTOSs that offer simple system services, intuitive naming conventions, documentation, good support and availability of full source code should be preferred, as these characteristics enable developers to become productive in a short period and complete projects on schedule.”Read more