fb Data Engineer @ ValueLabs

Job Description

Data Engineer

Expires on : 20211229
Job Code : VL/MS/2210/D/575
Experience : 5+ Years

• We are looking for a Data Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities : Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Works independently to implement software based on specifications. • Collaborate with tech leads, team members & stakeholders on the design and implementation. • Takes end to end responsibility for the SDLC process, i.e. implementation, JUnits, functional tests, deployments, troubleshooting & fixing issues etc. • Works on understanding use cases by various Dev teams and enables teams by helping with troubleshooting, debugging and testing.
Primary Skill Set : • Bachelor’s Degree. • Data Engineers who are skilled at building data pipelines using spark, python technologies for huge datasets from Amazon S3/Datalake/Snowflake. • Good SQL knowledge/database experience. • Ability to build APIs and consume APIs.

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