Job Description

Lead Frontend Engineer

Expires on : 20221002
Job Code : 3517
Experience : 7+ Years

• Angular 8+, JavaScript • TypeScript, HTML5 • CCS3, Jquery • Any testing framework, Database

• Designing and develop and execute and maintain test cases. • Should demonstrate analytic skills to process complex requirements to come up with end-to-end scenarios and test cases • Familiar with Agile Methodology and understand the life cycle of testing in both automated and manual
• Should have experience with Angular 8+ • Possess a deep understanding of JS/TS beyond libraries or frameworks (i.e. Javascript Fundamentals, not just jQuery, React, or Angular). • Have detailed knowledge of responsive CSS, experience with component based architecture, semantic markup, and HTML5. • Deep familiarity with browser dev tools and debugging for front-end development. • Experience with testing/testing frameworks for javascript like Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Jazmine, Cypress, Protractor, etc. • Basic MySQL familiarity • Understand the ins-and-outs of debugging JavaScript in the browser, have in-depth experience with CPU and memory profiling, and can discuss why all of that is important.

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