Node.JS Developer @ ValueLabs

Job Description

Node.JS Developer

Expires on: 20211012
Job Code: VL/AS/1806/D/226
Experience: 5+ Years
Location: Hyderabad

• Node.JS . Microservices • MongoDB, JavsScript

• NodeJS middleware backend (backend Developer) • experience in functional programming and practical experience in serverless (cloud platforms) • extensive experience in ECMAScript 6 and Node.js (5-7 years). • extensive experience on a strictly typing's like TypeScript / Flow or any other strictly typed language • You know a lot about SQL/NoSQL databases include but not limited to: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Firebase Realtime Database(3-5years) • You showed excellent knowledge developing scalable and highly-available microservices( • You possess expert knowledge of task/message queues include but not limited to: AWS SQS, AWS SNS, Cloud Pub/Sub, Celery, RabbitMQ • You have created some APIs with RESTful that is still up and running in serving hundreds of thousands of requests everyday • Should be proficient in GIT through either BitBucket, GitHub or GitLab • Should have come across Docker, Containers, Openshift. • The only software engineering approach you believe is Agile
• Nodejs Experience (Server Side) • JavaScript (Preferable - Typescript) • Restful Services (Micro services vs Monolithic Services) • Databases (Mongo, MSSQL etc) • Basic Knowledge of DevOps Tools( Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Openshift etc)

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