fb Senior Software Engineer @ ValueLabs

Job Description

Senior Software Engineer

Expires on : 20220531
Job Code : 1440
Experience : 5-8 Years
Location : Hyderabad

Job Description Primary Skill Set: Java • Experience in designing, building and testing Java EE applications • Strong knowledge of Design patterns, OOPS design, Data structures & Algorithms. • Extensive work experience in core java features like concurrency, serialization etc. • In Depth knowledge of java collections, multi-threading & concurrency is required. • Knowledge of database connectivity (JDBC), session & transaction management. • Knowledge of other features for core java like exception handling, internals of JVM etc. • Experience in JVM related activities like heap dump analysis, garbage collection, caching etc. • Knowledge of web application frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot etc. • Working experience on JUnit or JMock or Mockito either one of them. • Should have basic knowledge of SBT, HeidiSQL, GitLab, JIRA and IntelliJ/Eclipse • Excellent Communication Skill Angular • Must have work experience in Angular 9 or above • Strong grip over Typescript and Angular app optimization • Strong knowledge of Design patterns and good UI design ability Secondary Skill Set • Nice to have knowledge of Play/Golang Framework. • Understanding of AWS tech for API integration • Knowledge on persistence frameworks like Hibernate or JPA. • Experience in REST API and SOAP API. • Knowledge on Micro services application architecture and Security Best Practices. • Knowledge of Behave BDD (python)

Roles and Responsibilities • Self-Managed individual who can work with other members of a team to develop a plan for an enterprise system, including what key features system users require in the system as well as integration strategies to update existing systems that will transition into the new system build down the road. • Develop modules of the initial enterprise system plan and work with the development team by coding advanced portions of the modules. • Conduct unit testing and write test cases using tools such as Junit or JMock or Mockito for testing of completed code modules ensuring high code coverage as well as fixing code as needed to ensure a smooth system deployment with the intended functionality • Plan and execute all deployment of system features and monitor for successful integration, maintaining the system throughout its lifecycle. • Build, test and support various desktop applications at the request of the business support department • Scalability, Reliability, Zero downtime, and Operational Efficiency of the developed modules
• Core Java and Angular

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