fb Senior Software Engineer – SD @ ValueLabs

Job Description

Senior Software Engineer – SD

Expires on : 20220730
Job Code : 2072
Costa Rica
Experience : 3-6 Years
Location : Costa Rica

• We are looking for Software Developer with PHPPHP symphony / Laravel MVC framework Skill

• Work in an agile environment completing User Stories authored by professional Product Managers Learn to architect highly scalable/transaction heavy web/api applications Collaborate with Frontend team members (in addition to backend PHP) through projects in React, Angular (maintenance), MooTools/Jquery (deprecation), Socket.io and serverside NodeJS Work with QA and Application Support teams to triage bugs Design and develop Restful APIs using frameworks Master designing JSON payloads and various payload contexts Convert complex business rules and workflows from User Story requirements into bespoke Sales Force type CRM applications Work with monolithic legacy codebases, along with Symfony framework in newer repositories Work with large database schemas of 500+ tables Write complex queries. • Efficiently joining upwards of 20 tables, some containing +10m rows. In T-SQL or Doctrine ORM Integrate 3rd party platforms via APIs and callbacks Write Unit tests and documentation
• We are looking for a strong PHP Developer. 3+ years professional experience developing web based applications in PHP Prior experience developing APIs is a plus Prior experience working with organized development teams (3+ member pods) • Hands-on experience with relational databases/NoSQL Professional experience using open source PHP frameworks. • Experience with Symfony is a plus Desire to learn/employ scaling in LAMP leveraging Redis, RabbitMQ, Elastic Search (ELK), SupervisorD, Socket.io, centralized Session stores Desire to learn designing fault tolerant architecture on cloud deployments (loadbalancing, clustering, reducing/eliminating single points of failure, etc) • Understand branching, merging, pull requests and conflict resolution in Git (Bitbucket or Github) Prior experience leveraging issue tracking systems/wikis for documentation (Jira/Confluence) Understand CentOS Linux concepts, command line, SSH, SFTP, SCP… Full stack is a plus (JS, SPA Frameworks, CSS, HTML) • Able to onboard oneself while working entirely remotely in EST (NYC office available for collaboration) Experience in Azure/AWS/GCP PaaS is a plus Experience crafting architecture diagrams in Visio or Lucid Chart is a plus Problem solving skills and a proactive work style Strong interpersonal & communication skills

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