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Job Description

Senior Software engineer

Expires on: August, 30 2019
Job Code: VL/SS/3004/D/334
Experience: 6-8 Years

We are looking for an engineer who has experience in UiPath implementation

  • Ability to work independently, or in groups
  • Ability to work well with business analysts, programmers, vendors and end users in cross functional teams
  • Proficient in building Desktop / Web automation in Citrix, Remote Desktop and Local environments, Orchestrator APIs, Queues, Unattended / Attended BOT processes, Exception Handling, Custom Logs, reusable libraries.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Superior level of knowledge in UiPath studio, Orchestrator and BOTs
  • Elastic Search / Kibana integration with UiPath and build reports / dashboards using Kibana
  • Prior Development / QA experience in any technology would be good
  • Proficient in VB scripting

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