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Job Description

Test Manager

Expires on: December, 20 2019
Job Code: VL/AK/2111/D/446
Experience: 10+ years
Location: Hyderabad

We are looking for a Test Manager

  • Give direction to the Manual QA Teams
  • Give direction to the QA Automation Teams
  • Project Management and maintaining HR/Admin records related to people
  • Play an important role in Hiring Manual QA and QA Automation Team members
  • Manage people and be responsible for their careers and growth
  • Get work done and be Able to meet the tight deadlines
  • Technical background in Manual QA and QA Automation and interest in understanding our Automation technology stack – C# with Selenium, C# with MSTest, C# with CodedUI, Java with Selenium
  • Experience in Managing QA Teams of team size up to 75 people
  • Experience or interest in commercial real estate
  • Experience of working in an agile environment

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