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Automate tasks and upscale efficiencies to discover new value, and better enable your business with legal industry solutions from ValueLabs

Around the world, forward-looking general counsels (GCs) and law firms are making a shift from the domain of legal expertise and risk mitigation to business enablement. For many that means adapting their operating models to achieve better alignment with their organizational strategies to evolve into strategic business partners.

To make this vision a reality, firms are now looking at what’s becoming a key driver in this legal services revolution: digital transformation. Now, general counsels and their teams are harnessing powerful technologies such as AI and blockchain to get to the insights they know are available through data from industries such as insurance, aviation, hospitality, and many more.

Our Approach to Legal Process Outsourcing

Evolve beyond the risk and compliance through an extended team that harmonizes the tech and legal worlds.

AI, eDiscovery, cognitive automation, and predictive analytics can help you maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and empower your legal teams to go beyond risk and compliance.
By harnessing the capabilities of digital technologies, our deep understanding of the legal value chain and extended team model (ETM) approach, you can extract valuable insights from data once under-exploited and become business enablers in a new era for the legal industry.
Align your strategies, adapt your operating models, generate new business opportunities, enable sustained competitive advantage, and grow revenue – drive additional value by better enabling your business.

Evolve and add strategic value

Be at the forefront of business enablement in your industry and drive additional value. We can help you realign your strategies and design new process efficiencies based on a thorough understanding of your requirements, long-term goals, and budgets.

Reach ‘best contract’ form

Our contract solutions are designed to take all the hassle out of your contract processes. Generate drafts in accordance with industry best practices, track and report non-compliance, analyze contract data, and create dashboards to enable informed decision making.

Access a high-performance ecosystem

Implement unique and robust eDiscovery solutions, and leverage strategic thinking and best practices across the eDiscovery lifecycle. We’ll help you put processes in place for how you conduct all your eDiscovery activities so you can achieve positive case outcomes and protect your organization.

Tap into industry expertise

The team we staff on your projects are experienced in your industries – whether it’s healthcare, finance, or any other industry. Our deep understanding of the legal value chain means our understanding of corporate counsels and their requirements is unrivalled.

Legal industry services

Get the very most out of your digital transformation, with our powerful and innovative legal industry capabilities:

No data is beyond comprehension. Our proprietary AI-powered cognitive extractor means you can get vital insights from your data, while leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) to automate a variety of time consuming, repetitive and mundane tasks so your teams can focus on tasks of higher value. That means new efficiencies, reduced human error, and better serving business needs.

Get all the benefits of our technology expertise and tap into a highly trained and experienced eDiscovery team to help you with much more than mere data collection and delivery. We’ll recommend the most appropriate tech for your use cases, and will call upon our legal tech experts to guide you through document reviews and pre- and post-review requirements.

Don’t expose your business to multiple operational and financial risks. Our solution covers every contract phase, from initiation, drafting, process, workflow, negotiation, to approval, execution, audit, reporting, on-the-go maintenance, and contract termination or renewal. Additionally, by having automated reminders and triggers in place for important events, you’ll never miss out on crucial contract compliance or obligations.

Automate complex contract analytics and draw intelligent insights from your contracts data – all through the power of AI. By automating the identification, extraction, and analysis of business terms you’ll be able to obtain crucial business information in order to compare and evaluate them against contract standards. What’s more, you’ll have various intelligent dashboards and reporting features to upscale your efficiency and further business value.

Legal reviews are time consuming and resource demanding. By letting our trained legal subject matter and industry experts work as an extended team to your own, you can free up vital time needed for more valuable tasks. What you’ll get is perfect alignment of our team and yours, delivering high quality work through a high-performance ecosystem. We bring collaboration and a constant flow of information to the table to make things happen.

Quicker and better decision making is critical for success. By implementing NLP and machine learning your teams can extract relevant textual insight from your legal data – whether it’s structured or unstructured. Customize how any kind of legal data needs to be processed and extracted and our solutions will do the rest. Then there’s our legal chatbots, designed to understand queries in your chosen language, to return the best information for analysis purposes.

Leverage advanced data analytics to handle data of different volumes, and utilize top technology, search capabilities, and subject matter expertise to prioritize review workflows. Implement ESI analytics to help eliminate risk and guide your case strategy, and use predictive coding during your review phase to expedite the process to realize new levels of efficiency. The power of predictive analytics can be tuned to your precise needs.

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