Digital marketing is all about reinventing a new business model to create a superior customer experience leveraging new technologies. It is not technology that is disruptive; it is your customers. That is why the pace of change is so swift. We are ready with the people, processes and technologies to help you take the lead.

We help you achieve greater productivity in your marketing functions, enable better intimacy with your multi-screen stakeholders, and create a strong presence in your social universe through our internet marketing services. We help you create a 'Market of One' to get a unified view of customers, linking their social identities with enterprise customer identities to derive the best ROI on marketing-spend.

While implementing digital marketing projects across the globe, on many occasions we have come across several technologies and processes disconnects resulting in a huge opportunity loss. For example, many marketing automation applications are not integrated with CRM systems, remarketing teams re-engaging traffic that did not convert during the first visit are not aligned with the email marketing team driving repeat buys or the ad operations team. This is further complicated by a plethora of options in online marketing products available today. This ends up creating marketing silos, leaving the end users confused. It also often leads to loss of opportunity to deliver a superior customer experience. Our marketing technology solutions help you break these silos to implement a seamless digital marketing experience.

Just like everything else, client-vendor relations continue to evolve. ValueLabs is constantly reinventing itself to help you stay ahead in the digital race. The end goal is ‘One Company’ with a shared vision. The story begins here. The one company entity now creates a superior business moment experience for end consumers in their journeys across all channels. We call this 'Market of One.' In essence, our internet marketing services can do wonders for you.

Marketing Agency


Content Marketing

Content is a significant piece of any company’s strategy. At ValueLabs, we drive demand for your business through content.

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Design Studio

Our design studio gives marketing communication an appeal to effectively convey the right message to the customers.

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Marketing Automation

We help you leverage our marketing automation solutions for better lead scoring & effective lead management.

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Mobile App Marketing

By tapping best of the ads inventory, we serve the ads you wish to be displayed to the relevant set of customers.

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Online Ad Operations

Online ad operations help in marketing your company’s offerings to the relevant set of customers.

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Motion Graphics

Leverage the power of visuals and moving pictures to effectively communicate a complex idea to your prospects in a matter of...

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SEO service

We deploy SEO–techniques to ensure a high visibility of your business, thereby drawing more traffic to your website.

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Social Listening

Learn what customers & clients are talking about your brand through Social Listening and Intelligence offerings.

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Our deep domain knowledge across many industries and depth of expertise across all functions of digital marketing can create magic for you

Digital Interactive Media

Help your clients stay ahead in the digital race with our vast array of digital marketing solutions


Derive the best ROI from your online ad spend and make the right choice through programmatic buying

Media and Entertainment

Predict box office performance with social cues and participate in growth platforms of the future

Financial Services

Create winning business moments at each touch point of your customer journey

Retail and Consumer Goods

Create multichannel campaign and loyalty programs to maximize lifetime value for your customers

Marketing Process Integrators

Bring the Agency+ effect to your clients. Scale up your offerings and sell more to your clients

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Help drug manufacturers reduce cost of recall through pre and post clinical trial campaign

Airlines and Others

We help you achieve a high recall, with the best ROI on marketing spend

Over 75 Global Brands Served

Leading Indian financial services aggregator.

Design support for online ad operations and affiliate marketing campaigns has reduced time-to-market for all campaigns.

Leading telecom provider based out of Singapore.

Deployed automated email campaigns to invite prospects into their stores and sign up for their services.

Leading Indian airline company.

Targeted messaging via marketing automation increased revenue per booking by 200%.

A leading Japanese auto manufacturer in the Australian market.

Deployed marketing automation to enable their branded car showrooms to reach out to prospects for test drives.

Several leading independent digital marketing agencies across the globe.

Ongoing engagement for website development, digital imaging and more, with single line requirements and tight deadlines.

A leading price comparison shopping site in the UK.

Deployed world-class design to create iOS apps that were picked up as case studies by Apple.

One of the largest independent traders of used commercial vehicles.

UX improvements, SEO and content strategy on their website increased their search traffic within three months of operations.

A globally renowned media communications agency.

Reduced time-to-market for some extremely demanding mobile campaigns.

A very large digital marketing agency headquartered in the US, with 34 offices in 17 countries.

Deployed websites with cutting-edge design and framework that can handle large traffic volumes.

One of the largest web-based photo sharing and printing service companies with over 90 million users.

Improved productivity by taking over end-to-end B2C outreach using Oracle Responsys.

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