Healthcare and Life Sciences

The complex ecosystem of the healthcare and life sciences (HLS) industry consists of payers, providers, healthcare information system providers, pharma and life sciences companies. Geo-specific regulations mandate an integration of the digital world with the HLS world. The objective of this is to ensure the organized delivery of healthcare, lowered costs of healthcare, regulatory compliance and quality assurance, an improvement in the quality of workflow, and better patient outcome.

Today, thanks to the digital world, patients have greater awareness and knowledge about medicines and treatments. Healthcare and life sciences analytics and healthcare applications development are drawing tremendous investor interest today. One needs to come up with innovative patient engagement programs to provide patients with a superior experience in their healthcare journeys. This is where Digital Marketing plays a very significant role.

Take the case of diabetic patients who need guidance on lifestyle, working out, and regular diet plans. People with serious ailments like cancer require counseling and guidance to lead a normal life. Digital marketing tools can be effectively applied to complement patient care with preventive measures, appropriate workplaces, and a meaningful social lifestyle.

Some of the domain-specific offerings we provide include:

  • Creating a digital campaign for drug manufacturers during pre and post clinical trials to reduce cost of recall
  • Deriving insights from patients’ social networks for early alert of disease outbreak
  • Patient engagement management using social media in the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) domain
  • Social media integration of medical, pharmacy, disease management and behavioral health programs
  • Applying online and offline sentiment analysis to segment and target patients and physicians, crafting an appropriate sales and marketing strategy and creating mobile reporting dashboards keeping in mind country, therapy, and brand-specific KRA parameters