Media and Entertainment

Digital technologies are vastly dominating the way products are developed, marketed and distributed in the entertainment business. Maximizing engagement throughout an entire customer life cycle – from acquiring a new customer to creating brand loyalists – is a daunting task. To survive the race, entertainment executives and content producers are hard pressed to effectively allocate the limited human and financial resources of their organizations across a seemingly unending array of fragmented channels.

Multichannel attributes framework

Media framework for digital marketing - ValueLabs

ValueLabs offers content creation, content transformation, distribution, and playouts in the media and entertainment field.

Our multichannel framework can help you meet advertisers’ objectives through increased TRP and improved ROI, in addition to channels’ objectives of increased viewer engagement and improved experience.

Data Streamlining

Ability to create a single view of each and every customer, by integrating data and analytics from more than one source & to also manage and act on all the customer data gathered real time across all digital marketing channels.

Maximize relevancy

In an industry where campaign performance is of supreme importance, it is vital to be allowed the ability to filter and segment based on criteria. Maximization of relevance is crucial for subscriber engagement and rating dynamics.

Strengthen relationships

The ability to effectively communicate relevant messages in time to customers through their channel of choice by having a personalized, cross-channel communication strategy helps in building stronger relationships with customers at every stage of interaction.

ValueLabs have successfully delivered solutions to clients in the media and entertainment industry. We are characterized by an excellent blend of domain and technology expertise which results in industry-specific services that cater to all the phases of the life cycle of a particular content – right from production to final distribution.