Mobile App Marketing

Why you need App Store Optimization
It’s a competitive world out there, and its digital. Taken together, this means you must be the first to reach out to your audience to gain competitive advantage. The scenario’s the same when it comes to apps. With over 1 million apps in any app store, it’s difficult for a particular app to get noticed. Though some apps do turn into overnight success stories, the fact is every app requires a strong marketing plan of action to succeed – something that App Store Optimization (ASO) can bring about effectively.

App Store Optimization:
Having trade with Google Play and App store since their initiation, we have witnessed the algorithm derive time to time, bringing us to the conclusion that every app store should be treated as a separate entity when it comes to ASO. ValueLabs’ ASO services have been individually and specifically designed for both Google Play and App Store. Our ASO services are in line with explicit platform requirements, hence pleasing expected app discovery to the apps in respective app stores.

Google Play Optimization:
Our ASO services for Google Play Store consist of keyword-specific research and optimization for your application. Our hands-on approach towards traditional SEO and link building helps us deliver industry best results to our clients looking for optimizing their apps for Google Play. From generating a keyword-rich title and description to designing eyeball-grabbing icons and screenshots, we optimize app elements in a way that will best suit a particular platform.

ITunes App Store Optimization:
Our ASO services for Apple App Store take care of keywords that are high on quality; just the way Apple wishes them to be. We generate the correct ‘keywords string’ for an app’s description to fit in a specified characters limit. From drafting app title extensions, designing apt icons and creating niche screenshots, – we take care of all the creative design elements while optimizing an app.

Window App Store Optimization:
Our customized Windows ASO services help in improving the visibility of an app in the Windows Store. This kind of visibility increases the number of installations of an app and makes it significant in the market. The Windows Store does not support demo videos, and so we concentrate mainly on the title and description. We also design and add niche screenshots that help customers in getting an idea of the user interface.

App Store Optimization for IPAD:
In order to enhance the visibility of apps across an array of platforms, we provide ASO services for iPad as well as iPhone platforms.

App Localization:
Our localization experts specialize in providing industry best, multilingual services for localizing apps and their marketing content. Our app localization services involve keyword(s) localization, app title and description, as well as screenshot and language string localization. We translate apps into any language (for instance, French, Chinese, Spanish, etc) to reach target customers through channels they trust and media they understand.


  • Increase presence: Today, people are migrating to mobiles and other handheld devices to search online before making business decisions and implementing relevant transactions. As a result, more and more businesses are taking only the app route in view of changing customer behavior.
  • Increase traffic: These days, users find out new apps to download directly by scrolling through app stores without having anything particular in mind. So it’s good to be listed at the top for better probability of being noticed.
  • Target relevant customers: ASO assures you reach the most relevant users. Your business delivers to a specific section of people, and it is important you reach them.
  • Boost profit: More visibility means more downloads, and more downloads mean more customers. More customers, in turn, mean more business which directly relates to increased profit. The market is intense and competition is cutthroat. You have to make sure that you make a lasting mark. ASO is your first step towards making that mark.