Motion Graphics

Business world making a shift towards digitization, visual effects creates more impact. Capturing the infographics from wordy information into catchy visuals delivers effective information than a plain text. Considering the time as a constraint, motion graphics would be stepping stone for any business to show its transformation in the digital world.
Avail our services and watch how our experts strengthen your message delivery and assist you in achieving winning business moments, and in augmenting conversion opportunities.

Our services:


  • Animation videos
  • Demo videos
  • Post production

Animation videos:

To make it easier for the client, animated videos make business propositions more informative, engaging and entertaining through animated videos in myriad forms:

  • 2D animations
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Infographics videos
  • Presentations

Presentations with sound effect and visual effect are a unique way of building brand identity and easily conveys message to their audience. The title sequence is one of the best way of captivating highlights and this can create an impact and a theme for your business to explain it to your customers.

Demo videos:

It is the most powerful way to connect to the clients by demonstrating the services. Professing how software and systems work, by engaging videos to amplify the advertising of your product and build striking sales pitch.

  • Software demos
  • Products and services
  • Training videos

The crux of creating videos for promoting products/services is not to build rapport with the audience but to demonstrate the advantages and to expedite the process for the audience to take an appropriate decision.

Post production:

Present your videos in a polished and coherent manner from end to end, ValueLabs services that can provide you with industry-leading, post production support such as

  • Video editing
  • Sound editing
  • multilingual and multinational voiceovers
  • subtitles
  • Color correction
  • Special effects


Our experts are adept at to using best-of-the-breed tools to come up with world-class videos such as:

  • Adobe Suite:
    • premier
    • after effect
    • audition
    • flash
  • Mac Pro
  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Avid

Operation Cycle:


  • Research and Script: Understanding your requirement through a conference call or a questionnaire, professional would be assigned to script your requirements for the video. Based on which the draft is sent to the client for approvals within a week.
  • Voiceover: VO artists would record in a professional studio according to your instructions. We would take 2-3 business days for your review on the voice over.
  • Design & Storyboard: After drafting a story for the videos, we would send it for your approvals. Once approved we would be working on the story board which is a visual representation giving a glance for the final video.
  • Graphic & Animation: Your video is brought to life! Based on the approvals of the storyboard, final video is created along with the background music. Changes entertained if necessary, are very minimal like spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, animation guidance, time issues or sound problems.


Motion graphics might be similar to videos in a way but they can be created at a lower file size than video – meaning your page will load faster and the customer doesn’t get bored waiting. Having your website pages load at optimum speed also contributes to your SEO.
Also contributing to:

  • Increase accessibility: For any person to scroll down through large content is tedious creating a need to shorten the content. Motion graphics makes complex information to be accessible and engaging
  • Effective marketing tool: Motion graphics has the power to concise wordy information into visual information. This makes easier for the clients/ customers to share benefitting the business getting the prospects.
  • Brand image: Videos makes the information visually appealing and also exhibit brands vital role, idea and also wire’s the vital information to vast/ large crowd.
  • Conversion rates: Graphics creates more impact in the B2B market creating a boost in the business and also assures engagement in a short period of time.