Social Listening

It’s a competitive world we live in today. A world which is driven by a combination of ever-increasing consumer demands and a proportionate rise in social networking.

Knowing what people are saying about your brand and that of your competitors, gauging their perception and then actioning these insights – these make up the crux of how organizations can garner a competitive advantage. Social Listening is an important tool that monitors digital media channels to track these in addition to the mentions of your organization, products and / or services.

Social Listening Services

  • Sentiment Analysis – It helps you in determining whether a customer is saying positive or negative things (or is being neutral) about your brand on different social channels. It is also known for its opinion deriving, opinion mining and gauging the attitude of a speaker capabilities. The purpose of sentiment analysis is to detect what people think about a brand.
  • Reputation Management – We listen to what people say about your brand and react appropriately. We conduct keyword research based on the name of a company, its products and services, and social advertising. We monitor streams for mentions of your keywords to gain insights on how the audience sees your brand. We also craft and then maintain a strong brand reputation by responding to customer inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • Real-time Multilingual Brand Monitoring – When you operate in markets around the world and have customers speaking in a wide variety of languages, our real-time multilingual brand monitoring capabilities are what you need to be on top of conversations in all those markets where you operate. Multilingual social media monitoring means constant monitoring, irrespective of the region and the language.
  • Geotagged Keyword Monitoring – We draw a perimeter around any location in the world and monitor all geotagged content across social networks real time. This allows us to filter our search based on proximity distance, and view only those social messages that have been sent by potential customers close by. We also refine your search to look for brand mentions or industry-related terms at your location.
  • Influencer identification – We identify who is influencing the market in your industry / sector by executing the following tactics:
    • Identify the topic around which you’re seeking influence
    • Identify the words people use on social media while discussing this topic
    • Find influencers through qualitative and quantitative means
  • Customer service enhancement – To enhance customer service, we connect with your customers, blog, encourage feedback, respond to feedback, monitor feedback online, deal with negative feedback promptly, keep an eye on competition, note what customers want, change customer service, and communicate changes to employees.
  • Brand awareness creation – We find out how people respond to what you’re saying and discover new online spaces where people are talking about your brand. We also run specific marketing campaigns, press releases, slogans and / or seasonal promotions.
  • Competitor analysis – We pay attention to what competitors and their customers are talking about on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other channels. Competitor analysis also covers sifting through the most used keywords and content sources, evaluating quantum of growth, frequency, type and count of engagement by day and time, post type and supporters, etc.
  • Product development – Social listening has become a valuable instrument to analyze customer concerns and / or complaints about products in addition to collecting intelligence on what kind of advanced features customers want – features which can enhance, supplement and speed up traditional market search techniques.
  • Social media crisis monitoring and communications – We keep an eye on social media buzz and sentiment around your brand. This helps in detecting issues that can impact your brand and proactively avoids and diffuses problems that may severely impact your business.


Customer service:

  • Build a knowledge base from questions and answers on social media channels
  • Identify and resolve queries
  • Integrate with CRM to save / reduce costs

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • Uncover conversations about brands, products, services
  • Real-time response
  • Weight topic insights to enhance content, SEO and PPC strategies


  • Listen to social media conversations to gauge the different kinds of problems
  • Highlight product launch successes
  • Gain inputs and ideas on how to improve products from customers


  • Uncover conversations that signify intent to purchase or need for service or assistance
  • Engage with customers real time across social media channels before they switch to competitors’ products
  • Increase ROI through CRM integration

Human Resources:

  • Uncover experts and influencers
  • Gain insights into employer perceptions
  • Listen for issues that impact the happiness of your employees

ValueLabs helps you to connect more closely with customers while keeping your brand safe and informed. We help you select, or prepare, a tool or tool set based on your needs; facilitators which ensure that the right data is available for your brand’s effective social listening.