Customer 360° Marketing Platform

Our 360° Marketing Platform enables marketing teams in organization realize real-time marketing operations. With this, they receive actionable sentiments from both offline and online channels to derive useful business insights. This, in turn, helps the organization to engage with stakeholders continuously and also improve various processes in the organization.

We leverage tools like social listening, real-time feedback systems, and marketing automation and use them to provide a social layer on top of your CRM system.

360° marketing platform

This platform allows you to monitor the outcomes of all your initiatives in near real time, helping you to get actionable information. Your team can then engage with your stakeholders and audience to improve processes and evolve offerings over time.

Customer 360° Marketing Solution

This solution straddles the entire gamut of digital marketing solutions with industry and geographical template-based applications. It provides you with powerful actionable insights and creates winning business moments across the customer journey. With this solution, you can create your own performance marketing program, justifying ROI for each dollar of your marketing spend.



  • Industry templates give you access to custom parameters that are relevant to your role
  • Geographical templates include local considerations for domain-specific requirements
  • Integrates with enterprise marketing technology platforms that might be in use
  • Allows you to maximize the impact of each customer touch point with insights gained from all marketing initiatives
  • Powerful dashboards  enable critical decisions to be made with confidence
  • Gives insights into the ROI for your marketing initiatives