We help you add scale to your marketing operations and sell more to your clients

A fast-evolving marketplace and multiple marketing channel options have made today’s battle for eyeballs and wallet share extremely complex. An effective marketing plan must successfully straddle both traditional as well as new technology marketing mixes in terms of strategy, content and mode of delivery to engage with the target audience at all possible touch points.

CMOs today face the daunting challenge of sourcing people with the right skills to successfully manage this wide array of tasks. In the present Twitter times, a CMO also needs to constantly track moves and sentiments of various stakeholders and engage with them. Very often one does not have access to the right resource or the technology to do this. Handling scalability of team bandwidth with changes in demand is yet another challenge.

Having understood this need gap, ValueLabs has invested in building a Marketing Process Outsourcing Practice to support CMOs by extending resource bandwidth, optimizing marketing operations, and providing technology and skill sets. While we provide you with scale and better productivity, we also assist you to sell more to your clients through better customer insights, unique ways of engagements, and executing successful campaigns. We can also help you manage various customer touch points throughout the customer journey, and provide 24×7 customer support.

Our in-house design studio adds to our creative bandwidth, with many of the members of the studio having worked with global ad agencies.


Our service offerings: