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Enterprises today are under immense pressure to be cost competitive and process agile. The idea is to bring about rapid, large-scale automation in functions to stay competitive and relevant. For instance, banks and financial institutions have been prompted to adopt software tools like BPM, OCR and Robotic Automation to automate their back-office processes and functions. While there are several such tools available in the market, businesses are finding it challenging to implement these by themselves. Against this backdrop, the availability of a single, integrated platform that brings together these different tools can be a game changer.

ValueLabs' Ops Workbench is a one-of-its-kind, integrated platform that solves these and many other related problems. It allows organizations to choose from best-of-breed tools and brings them together on a common platform, which brings about consistent automation implementation leading to conspicuous benefits.

The Ops Workbench platform supports multiple technology platforms and tools. It is a one-stop solution for enterprises' operations staff to retrieve all the information they need from a single window by enabling:

  • Process digitization
  • Automation of repeatable tasks through software ro'bots'
  • Integration with a workflow system to retrieve tasks
  • Connections with other supporting systems such as document management server, as well as email and scheduling devices

Operations Workbench-supported platforms

Business benefits

We offer the Ops Workbench advantage through a Pay Per Use subscription model, available with both in-house and Cloud hosting options for greater deployment flexibility.

Download the Ops Workbench Solution flyer to know more.

Solution overview

Increase productivity with Robotic Automation

Fine-grained measurement of KPI and SLA

Built-in 'Google' like search

Dual Monitor Workbench for all back-office operations

API support for easy integration