Partnership Overview

ValueLabs and WSO2, the leading global authority on open-source integrations, have partnered together to help customers embark on their digital transformation journey and grow their business with ease, speed, and scale.

The impeccable experience of ValueLabs in delivery combined with WSO2’s open-source solution for API life cycle management, integration, identity and access management allows organizations to connect systems and applications by having secure APIs and identities can be deployed anywhere cloud, on-premise, or Hybrid.

Partnership Capabilities

Implement one complete platform for building, integrating, and exposing your digital services as managed APIs in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures to drive digital transformational strategy

An API-centric, cloud-native, and distributed integration platform providing graphical and CLI tooling, integration runtimes, and monitoring with various deployment options. It also helps you host composite microservices that can harness the power of a low code integration approach reaping the benefits of MSA

Helping you build great identity and access management solutions that provide enhanced seamless and secure digital experiences for your users and speed digital transformation efforts

Case studies

Talk to a member of our team about your business, your goals, and how we can help.

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