Software Development

We understand your need for customized software that integrates with your existing systems and processes, and meets your unique business requirements in terms of quality, costs and timelines. We help design, build, deploy and maintain applications as per your requirements, irrespective of their size and complexity.

Whether you prefer legacy software development models or wish to adapt to new-age models, from the traditional waterfall to RAD or the widely used Agile (Scrum and DSDM) models, our experience and expertise cover them all.

  • Frameworks & ALM Tools for quicker delivery, lesser maintenance, higher quality and process adherence
  • Test automation tools & keyword-driven frameworks driven frameworks for quicker releases and increased productivity, thus reduction in project cost
  • Cloud for agility, optimal utilization of infrastructure & reduced CapEx
  • DevOps culture (using infrastructure automation, CI/CD & monitoring) for faster time to market & ease of operations
  • Readily available resources for quick ramp-up to ensure productivity

Case study

A global real estate company leverages our web and iPhone applications to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Read more

What our clients have to say

Thank you so much for the incredible effort put in by the team in helping this project successfully complete to schedule. Unscrambling the Lasso data was a tough task, the detailed analysis of the data throwing up many challenges. The team showed absolute commitment to hitting our deadline, putting in late nights and working though weekends to ensure timely delivery.

– Business Solutions Manager, A leading global real estate company

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