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Salesforce - Analysis, Health Check and Remediation

Enhance performance, reduce risks and increase business potential, with a Salesforce organization health check from ValueLabs

Many organizations are realizing the potential and benefits offered in their Salesforce implementations. But in a world of continual change the risk of reaching threshold limits is high. This could lead to low performance, security issues and further costs – placing them even further from the latest features available.

We can resolve the issues with your Salesforce organization health check. Through careful assessment of your current setup, needs and future objectives, we will help you get very best out of your cloud platform services and keep you up to date with the latest features. That means more time to do what you do best, while having the increased agility to evolve alongside continual changes in your industry.

Our capabilities

Businesses don’t always have time to take stock of their current set up and think of new ways to move forward with it, especially as features and integrations emerge all the time. Our certified Salesforce professionals will assess your organization’s health, comparing your implementation and configuration with Salesforce standards, and help you take the next steps vital to your success.

Many factors can affect a business’ health, from inaccurate design patterns to quick fixes. No business wants to go down the road to performance degradation or lack the ability to add new features when it’s critical. We can help you improve your Salesforce performance to keep user experiences up, as well as avoid undesirable drops in ROI

Security is an intrinsic part of the business function and should never be left to chance. The problem for many businesses is they don’t have the visibility they need when it comes to their vulnerabilities. We can help you implement the right dashboards and reports so you can check the integrity of your security settings, help you identify risks and recommend the best solutions to mitigate them.

Architecture is an evolving part of an organization’s success. Our expert consultants can help you understand your current architecture and provide recommendations of how you can modernize the entire platform. That means keeping everything updated with the latest features and integrations and getting the very best out of your setup moving forward.

With a growing supply of data, it’s critical to make sure you have enough storage and the right data management processes in place. That’s where our Salesforce experts excel. We can help you adopt a strategic approach to your data, using archive systems and a data cleanup strategy that’s aligned with the needs of your business – so you always have the information you need, where you need it.

It’s easy to lose sight of your Salesforce Org’s health, especially when everything is fast paced, and decisions need to be made quickly. Our team of developers and analysts are experts in providing comprehensive health check documentation. This means you have key information that can be utilized for accurate base reporting – ideal for periodic reviews of all of your data and metadata.

While your Salesforce licenses are assigned to users to enable them to function better in their roles, are all licenses really being utilized and creating the value you need them to? Our experienced analysts and consultants can find out for you and give you a breakdown of the licenses you need across the organization.

Real-time reporting is the way forward. With our help you can utilize customized reports to provide an up-to-the-minute overview of everything from user license utilization, what data has been created in any given day, and a view of any old or stale org reports no longer being used.

Plan Offerings

Features Silver Gold Platinum
Reports within   3 days 2 weeks 4 weeks
Data review Reports for data created in a day features features features
Data quality review & recommendations on cleanup opportunities features features features
Data archival strategy features features features
Documentation Reusable Health check document features features features
Metadata reviews Code reviews features features features
Security standards review features features features
Workflows and process builder reviews features features features
Current architecture reviews & recommendations features features features
Modernization Readiness check for classic to lightning migration features features features
Integration options and Modernization opportunity recommendations features features features
Performance Improvement solutions Key problematic areas identification & solution features features features
Optimized solutions for long-running processes features features features
Users & licenses User adoption reports features features features
License optimization features features features

Value benefits

Improved performance
Data accuracy
Optimized data storage
High security standards
Scalable design
High adoptability and modernization
Periodic documentation
License optimization

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