Digital Commerce

Impact of Digital Commerce on customers, merchants and intermediaries

Digital Commerce provides a cohesive and compelling experience across connected channels and devices, from before the point of purchase to after the purchase, aimed at targeting and retaining customers. Customers find themselves choosing from an increasing number of payment options – NFC, HCE, mobile wallets, P2P and so on.

Merchants need to adopt social, mobile and other channels to effectively drive sales. In addition, they will have to incorporate innovation in payments and marketplaces (app stores, social), together with an analytics-driven approach to personalise the experience for a customer.

Intermediaries in the commerce ecosystem, such as banks, telcos, mobile OEMs and technology companies, are driving innovation in the payment space. A key challenge for them is to mobilise merchants to adopt these innovations, and drive the digital commerce ecosystem.

Customer ExpectationSolutions framework for digital commerce

Guiding principles driving Digital Commerce solution

Solution architecture for a Digital Commerce platform must be driven by the following criteria:

  • Omnichannel personalised experience
  • Order, Service and Support Management
  • Operational efficiency and Efficient collaboration

Digital Commerce Assessment and Strategy

ValueLabs “Digital Commerce Assessment Framework” provides customers with a structured approach to establish a baseline of current digital commerce initiatives and develop strategies for driving business growth.

  • Assess the organisation’s maturity in digital commerce
  • Identify gaps in the organisation’s ability to use emerging marketing technologies to drive commerce
  • Design a plan to advance the organisation for greater impact on digital commerce


ValueLabs – Digital Commerce Solutions

ValueLabs provides merchants and intermediaries, such as banks, telcos and technology companies, with a structured approach to find solutions for Digital Commerce.

With our assets, know-how and service delivery capability in the areas mentioned below, ValueLabs is a key partner in delivering Digital Commerce solutions for its customers.

  • Framework for multichannel consumer engagement and commerce
  • Omnichannel Widget Factory – For improving and reusing UI components and designs
  • VWatch and Onyx Publisher platforms
  • Social Listening and Intelligence Centre (SLIC) for social analytics
  • Analytics and Insight Solution for marketing, pricing, commerce and operational efficiency improvement

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