Digital Workplace

The emergence of personal wearables, IoT-powered devices, and digital commerce-driven marketplaces are driving organisations to evaluate how to manage employee expectations, aspirations, interaction and productivity. Every CIO today faces the following challenges within an increasingly digital workplace.

Employee-Centric Workplace

  • Enterprise Mobility Management by managing devices, security, content and applications for an increasingly mobile workforce
  • Increased focus of enterprises on building and/ or integrating mobile applications for internal stakeholders (employees,teams and partners)
  • Driving productivity through intuitive user experience and integration of business applications with mobile applications
  • Receive real-time alerts as per business requirements
  • Enabling employees to generate revenue, such as sales and customer care channels, with digital aids like sales force and field force automation solutions using mobile channels



Platform Benefits

  • Dealing with internal stakeholders who expect a seamless transition, and providing consistent user experience across different enterprises, portals and mobile applications
  • Dealing with TCO of diverse mobile application development platforms
  • Improving security to lower mobile adoption barriers for all customer segments

Digital Workplace Assessment and Strategy

ValueLabs’ Enterprise Mobility Consulting framework provides customers with a structured approach to establish a baseline of current mobility and digital initiatives supporting employee productivity.

In addition to this crucial first step, ValueLabs assists customers in defining their integrated digital strategy, their mobility strategy across revenue and cost management, and to deal with innovation and the adoption of new technology

Digital Workplace

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