Enterprise Cloud Solutions and Services

Cloud – A computing paradigm that has transformed the face of information technology, apart from having turned computing into a fifth utility. Achieving cloud-based business transformation is almost inevitable for modern enterprises of all scales.

ValueLabs Cloud Solutions and Services handhold clients through harnessing the power of the cloud to increase business agility, profitability while reducing TCO. They help discover new collaborative ways for inorganic growth.cloud1

We offer:

Cloud Advisory Services: 

  • To craft cloud strategies and build collaborative business based on best practices of the cloud.
  • To assess readiness of your business, infrastructure, applications and data to move into the cloud.

IaaS Support:

  • To gain immediate benefits from the cloud by:
    • Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud.
    • Detecting cloud-ready applications and migrating them to the IaaS layer of the cloud using innovative technologies at 20% of the effort involved in the traditional approach.
  • To save your compute, storage, DevOps costs by leveraging services from leading IaaS providers

PaaS and Custom Solutions:

  • To help you build innovative, collaborative applications on popular PaaS either by:
    • Replatforming your on-premise application with the help of our cloud engineering services, or
    • Converting your on-premise, single tenant application into multitenant, on-cloud application without any code change, or
    • Building a new application with the help of our cloud engineering services.


  • To maximise your cloud advantage by adopting a suitable SaaS for your business
    • Salesforce for your sales, service, marketing services
    • NetSuite for your ERP needs
    • Workday for your finance and HR needs
  • To meet your complex, specific business need with the help of a customized SaaS solution

Cloud Integrations:

  • To merge islands created by your current enterprise software to create a seamless, coherent business application by using our connectors and integration services
    • Where islands are spread across on-premise and the cloud
    • Where potential islands are foreseen due to the use of disparate cloudware

Integrated Solutions:

  • Broker public, private cloud and value-added services using Jarvis – our most comprehensive cloud brokering, enablement and management platform.
  • Run effective campaigns using any combination of CRM, marketing automation, mass mailing and analytics services with the help of our Integrated Marketing Management solution.
  • Deploy our Smart Contact Center in a Box solution to provide superior support across any channel to your valuable customers.
  • Use our Cloud Governance solution to manage complex combinations of on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, development-test-production environments.
  • Connect disparate systems and service islands by selecting the best connection option suggested by our Integration Broker.
  • Drive enterprise learning and knowledge management with the help of our University in a Box solution.

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