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Business overview

Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be 250 million ‘smart’ vehicles on the roads. One technological coup that will bring about this transformation is Telematics.

According to a report by automotive technology consultancy and research firm SBD, the global total revenue for the automotive embedded telematics market stands at around 1.5 billion euros currently, and is forecast to reach 20 billion euros by 2025 – a pointer that all cars on roads are expected to have broadband connectivity in the next 15 years.

Considering the total revenue stream of a typical 13-year car lifetime, only 37% of it stems from new car sales leaving a lot on the table to capture from after-market sales. For instance, Lithia Motors sold nearly 67,000 new vehicles for $2.3 billion in fiscal 2013 (56% of total revenues), representing 24% of the company’s gross earnings. The rest (76%), came in from after-market sales.

The advent of innovative technologies like Telematics is revolutionising this space. While technological advancements continue to happen, the customer is also becoming more sophisticated with expectations of customer experience becoming very different in today’s world.

Digital Automotive Intelligence (DAI) – An integrated solution for after-sales and customer-centric needs

Digital Automotive Intelligence (DAI)

ValueLabs DAI platform is an analytics platform that delivers predictive, actionable insights from high-velocity sensor streams emitted through OBD devices within a car, enabling real-time alerts and action.

The DAI platform provides an integrated solution that addresses both after-market and customer-centric needs. Two core platform pieces that contribute to this are Dealer Management System (DMS) and Me and My Car.

The underlying architecture for these modules is supported by the key tenets of integration, business rules, and diagnostic and pattern discovery with omnichannel features.

  • Integration Layer – To connect to different devices (mobile, OBD, ECU) and relay information. This module can be configured to retrieve data either in a snapshot mode or in real-time stream or conditional mode by pulling data based on event triggers.
  • Business Rule Layer – A set of rules configured for simple to complex events with the workflow module integrated within it.
  • Diagnostic Layer – To provide insights from the data streams that are coming into the platform. Streaming query processing supports active, continuous monitoring of live data.
  • Pattern Discovery Layer – It provides real-time insights with Big Data views of car vitals in real-time.

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