Working seamlessly as a team to achieve a business objective is great. Just that sometimes it isn’t that easy to work seamlessly; especially when the objective to be met is complex and flexible decision making is called for.

This line of thought can be extrapolated to an application too. As an app gets bigger, it becomes extremely important for developers to be able to break things down to smaller, workable units to:

  • Restore flexibility
  • Bring in scalability
  • Respond quickly to changing business needs
  • Reuse technical assets across a larger enterprise

Microservices architecture is a specialized evolutionary design that answers the above asks. It helps meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers, while also bringing in cost benefits in the process.


The ValueLabs Advantage

ValueLabs has rich experience in implementing the Microservices framework for several leading companies. In fact, we strive to enable a greater number of Agile development practices for our clients than just the enterprise-wide reuse espoused by Microservices. Just like we have done for one of the world’s largest online photos B2C company, with over 205 million registered users in 12 countries. And, also for a leading provider of healthcare benefits technology, serving over 350,000 employers.

As a new age service provider, we rapidly adapt to industry design patterns, proactively consult with clients, minutely analyze business needs, propose the most suitable Microservices architecture(s), act upon client feedback promptly, and consistently ensure a much shorter time-to-market.

Our focus is to bring agility, reliability and scalability to traditional software development processes through the innovative and judicious introduction of the Microservices framework / architecture. This helps clients overcome challenges such as:

  • Timespan for application development and testing
  • Slow adoption of evolving technologies and modern development practices
  • Lengthy partner onboarding cycles
  • Communication gaps in knowledge transfer


How does it work?

ValueLabs’ Microservices offerings provide a solid solution to the problem of complex architecture and code redundancies. This is accomplished by enabling efficient interoperability between systems, applications, and services. By shifting the practice of internal application development towards the creation of reusable components, Microservices projects allow enterprises to be more simple and agile. The idea is to integrate, and we help you integrate services to provide a range of functionalities without disrupting or destroying technical assets.


Our Offerings


Key benefits

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Unified view of data processes
  • Optimization of implementation costs by using pre-built frameworks and SME knowledge
  • Easy customizations, better test coverage and maintenance
  • Opt for reusable services for partners
  • Better infrastructure utilization
  • Leverage best-in-class consulting expertise for business transformation
  • Integrate legacy systems

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