CoE in Mobile Applications

We have extensive experience in mobile application development spanning all major mobile platforms. We have helped our clients generate new revenue streams by building pioneering solutions that have become benchmarks in the industry.

  • 200+ qualified and experienced mobile engineers
  • 200+ mobile-based applications developed across industry verticals such as healthcare, BFSI, retail, education
  • Pre-built frameworks and solution accelerators for rapid time-to-market
  • Well versed with consumer and enterprise applications including mobile payments (mbanking, mwallet), location-based services, mobile streaming, mobile commerce, mobile gaming, mobile ads
  • Multi-platform experience covering iOS, Android, HTML 5, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, HTML 5, Bada, Symbian, QT and others
  • Proven expertise in leading third-party solutions – enterprise applications, field force automation, travel booking services, payment gateways
  • Technology experience covering mobile web portals, web services such as, XML, HTTP, JSON, REST and protocols such as, SMPP, OIS, UCP, RTSP, STK
  • Experience in related media technologies such as VoiceXML, media transcoding, MediaHighway, Pantalk, set-top box programming and others

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