Product Engineering Services

We provide Product Engineering Services across the telecommunications, media and entertainment (M&E) and Geographic Information System (GIS) sectors. Our industry-focused, ready-to-integrate components, solutions and frameworks help our clients bridge technology gaps, bring products to market faster, minimize post-deployment defects, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

ValueLabs Product Engineering Services Group provides consulting, R&D, engineering and product life cycle support. With our deep domain expertise, we take complete responsibility of our clients’ product life cycle. This includes conceptualizing the product and its go-to-market strategy, designing the technology architecture, and delivering the integrated products. In a nutshell, we help our clients bring innovative, revenue-generating solutions and services to the market quickly.

Traversing the complete value chain

ValueLabs Product Engineering Services group

Our reusable frameworks and ready-to-integrate components include:

ValueLabs Smart Star

ValueLabs Smart Star enables you to experience the internet on your TV and provides web browsing with best-in-streaming experience. It supports pass through using CVBS for any Set Top Box which provides the advantage of watching LIVE channels and online content from your TV. It is an ultimate upgrade for any non-smart TV to play/view/share data across smart devices with additional features like video conferencing, home surveillance and games.

Key features of ValueLabs Smart Star are:

  • Live content (STB) pass through CVBS
  • Home surveillance
  • VOIP
  • Google play support
  • Smart TV with browser support
  • Media sharing across smart devices in the home

ValueLabs Home Gateway

ValueLabs Home Gateway is a sophisticated, feature-rich, multimedia solution for home entertainment products. Its features include device authentication, download manager, media sharing across multiple smart devices, Voice over IP, IP video streaming and video surveillance.

Key features of ValueLabs Home Gateway are:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Device authentication
  • Home gateway presence detection and device recovery
  • Internet content download and video push into the home gateway
  • Multimedia streaming to smartphones
  • VOIP
  • Video surveillance

ValueLabs Media Sharing

ValueLabs Media Sharing is a software stack based on UPnP which allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos together with related metadata between compatible devices. The solution enables users to seamlessly share content across all smart devices available in the home network through a wireless connection.

Key features of ValueLabs Media Sharing are:

  • Digital Media Server
  • Digital Media Controller
  • Digital Media Player
  • Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
  • Mobile upload / download

ValueLabs DVB Middleware

ValueLabs DVB Middleware is a feature-rich portable framework which can be used for DVB- C/S/T STBs. It supports a native user interface which improves performance and reliability of STB. The solution also supports readily available applications like EPG, DVR, VOD and PPV etc.

Key features of ValueLabs DVB Middleware are:

    • Used for service tuning and parsing the PSI / SI data
    • Compliant to ISO 13818-1 and EN 300468 standard
    • Provides APIs for accessing DVB data
  • DB (Data Base)
    • Monitors all the tables
    • APIs are provided to add / delete flash / SDRAM database
  • EPG
    • Electronic program guide designed and compliant to DVB standards
  • PVR
    • Supports record, playback, scheduling functionalities
    • Compliant to DVB-T/S/C standards

ValueLabs Test Automation Framework

ValueLabs Test Automation Framework offers complete end-to-end automated test framework for STB. The solution helps in testing multiple STBs covering the UI validation, performance, stress, menu navigations, settings etc. It covers the audio / video platform level functional tests for different QoE parameters like Lipsync, macro blocks, distortions, dropped frames, color intensity etc. on different AV analogue & digital interfaces like component, composite, S-Video, S / Pdif and Dolby Plus.

Key components of DVB Middleware are:

  • IR blaster
  • Remote key generator
  • Test script (Perl / Python / Java Script)
  • Capture card
  • Image comparator
  • Server system
  • STB (DUT): Device under test
  • DekTec: For streaming RF input to STB (DUT)
  • ValueLabs GlueLayer: Test infrastructure, test libraries, test scripts , logs and reports
  • NI system H/W and S/W
  • Integration with Test / Bug repository like Jira, Bugbase and Bugzilla
  • Windows PC (high end: core i7, 8 GB RAM)
  • Capture card: To generate static / golden / reference files

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