Solution Accelerators

We bring with us domain expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience in QA / testing that have facilitated the development of robust methodologies and frameworks. Our ready suite of testing accelerators and templates have helped our clients significantly reduce “time to test” while improving accuracy and coverage.

ValueLabs BEST Framework

Our BEST framework is a unique approach to testing that helps analyse business critical scenarios, understand challenges from business teams, setup and maintain the UAT environment to provide inputs to the engineering team so that they cover some of the tests in advance as part of system testing and optimize acceptance test efforts.

  • E2E System
    • Include all the tools involved in test life cycle management like test case management, defect tracking, content integration tools and matrix / analytics reporting tools.
  • Achieve 0% schedule variance from acceptance testing
  • Adequate acceptance test coverage from business scenarios perspective
  • Achieve functional defect leakage to production to <1% over a period of time
  • Optimize acceptance test schedules through efficient methods like automation, business process coverage.
  • Higher customer satisfaction

ValueLabs Test Automation Framework

Over the years, we have developed rich expertise across popular test automation tools and acquired the necessary skills to build advanced test automation frameworks. We have invested in building strong, extensible and customizable test automation framework with a suite of ready test cases to accelerate time-to-market. Built in a best-of-breed, technology agnostic and modular manner, the automation framework can be readily integrated with different test management tools (commercial / open source) to deliver a faster ROI.

  • Hybrid automation framework built on Selenium – an open source tool saving costs
  • No framework effort – start automation from day one
  • Compatible with all open source and commercial automation tools, minimizing costs
  • Parallel execution of test cases , reducing the overall turnaround time
  • Re-execution of failed test cases, improving test accuracy
  • Robust set of keywords allow script-less automation by non-technical resources
  • Customized reporting, dashboard integration, test evidences for validation
  • Integration with test case management, continuous integration and defect tracking tools
  • Ease of use helps manual testers automate their own applications, reducing the need for dedicated automation resources
  • Supports mobile application automation tools
  • Triggers email notifications for script execution and script completion

FinTest – ValueLabs Banking Test Accelerator

Effective testing practices require strong knowledge management, robust & reusable frameworks, and greater user participation. To address these key areas, ValueLabs has developed FinTest – our investment to map requirements to accelerate testing.

FinTest is a workflow-based test accelerator that ensures user participation in effective management of knowledge, requirements and testing. FinTest reduces the total cost of ownership of testing, improves test quality and accelerates time-to-market while ensuring compliance requirements. FinTest rides on the famous FURPS (Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance, and Supportability) software quality model. We have further extended it to include Compatibility as one of its attributes.

    • FinTest is a knowledge repository of the entire Banking landscape. Knowledge is managed in the form of workflows. It enables users to learn and understand the intricacies of the Banking practice on their own.
    • FinTest allows users to create and modify specifications (business rules, business conditions, workflows and use cases) in each phase – User management, service management, workflow management, and Use case management – of the testing process. With every modification, system generates modified test assets thus achieving the twin objectives of quality and speed.
    • FinTest takes care of complete test management from scoping, estimation, test plan generation, test scenario generation, and test case generation to integration with commercial tools like HP QC, OATS etc. to identify defects in the system.
    • Each of the jobs in the testing process would be given a unique id simplifying defect traceability and reporting.

Unified Test Management Solution

ValueLabs Unified Test Management Solution (UTMS) is a comprehensive end to end integrated solution that helps testers, developers and business users to collaborate and contribute to perform all the testing related activities.

The solution is completely cloud based. With its in-built and reusable assets, the process of testing activities can be accelerated significantly. It supports agile, test driven engineering methodologies. Leveraging real time analytics, it helps users make better decisions.

      • End-to-end integrated and comprehensive testing solution
      • Domain-specific test assets for Banking, Retail and Healthcare industries
      • Scriptless test automation
      • Performance, security and compliance testing
      • Data management accelerators
      • Seamless analytics and reporting

ValueLabs Healthcare Testing Framework

ValueLabs Healthcare Testing Framework is designed exclusively for the healthcare industry to address key areas such as, security, compliance and conformance, interoperability (HIE / EDI) and external integration.


Domain Based Test Assets

We utilize ready-to-use test cases across different verticals like BFSI, Healthcare and e-commerce that save time and demand less effort from test engineers. Our ready-to-use enterprise system test assets for functional modules across industries including Finance, HR, Manufacturing and other emerging industries help significantly reduce time-to-market.

      • Decrease the dependency on in-house SMEs
      • Improve test coverage
      • Facilitate compliance with regulations
      • Address domain-specific implicit requirements