Enterprise mobility

We offer the full-spectrum of mobile services – from creating your mobile strategy to consulting and development (native and hybrid) to provisioning, deployment and maintenance. The approach caters to technological complexities and helps in the designing of context-aware and user-centric applications, while minimizing the risk of significant up-front investment.

We understand the challenges and complexities involved in taking a business mobile. With a detailed know-how of the business requirements and internal processes, we enable enterprises with the key insights required to draw up their mobile strategy, as well as make key go / no-go decisions. We help enterprises prepare robust plans that are future-proof, secure and reliable. Vital aspects of the mobility strategy, such as the parts of the enterprise application to be mobile enabled and compatibility with mobile devices, are covered as a part of business / technology consulting.

By blending together years of experience in developing complex mobile-based solutions and expertise in the latest mobile technologies, we have helped several enterprises accelerate their mobile implementation and adoption strategy, across industries. In partnership with us, these clients have successfully adopted enterprise mobility to manage organizational drawbacks, maximize employee efficiency and reduce operational overhead / costs.

Our enterprise mobility consulting services include:

  • Defining the mobility strategy
  • Designing enterprise mobility architecture
  • Defining the process for a mobile enterprise