Online marketing

Welcome to the era of enterprise social network.

Organizations globally are embracing a new business model that is distributed, collaborative and highly engaging with the stakeholders. The advent of social networks, big data and analytics, mobile technology and cloud computing is enabling organizations to perform with greater agility and productivity. This brings in a digital race where organizations are rushing to go digital.


We help you to build an enterprise social network. We engineer your social engagement around your existing IT platform to derive real time actionable insights and enhance your competitive advantage. We provide consulting services to create a Social Listening and Intelligence (SLIC) Center for you in multiple languages through an assortment of best of breed proprietary and open source tools. Tracking your competitors, industry trend, customers and your own reputation becomes extremely easy for you. We consult you on how you can use our global delivery and Extended Team Model (ETM) of engagement to build a more productive and “Just in Time” marketing function.