Process consulting

At ValueLabs, we help you define and address your organization’s unique transformation imperative. We work with you to identify areas of opportunity, set your business goals and devise a strategy – based on which, we identify your technology requirements and execute the solution. Our consulting services cover areas of IT, offshore advisory and process management services.

We provide consulting services relating to Process Management for sustained and continuous operational efficiencies. Our process management consulting services include:

  • Process consulting
    • Identify gaps, consult for applicable standards (quality & information security) and compliance.
  • Process engineering
    • Define policies, processes to attain business maturity and help clients implement such processes within their organization.
  • Process assurance
    • Conduct audit as an independent body and submit the process compliance report to the the client’s senior management.
  • Metrics consulting
    • Define and setup metrics portfolio for quantitative efficiency tracking. Set up the complete program and related processes.