Independent verification and validation
A strategic roadmap to efficient global delivery

We provide a full spectrum of software quality assurance (QA) services with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, high-performance and high-availability software to more than 150 clients across industry verticals. Leveraging our ready suite of testing accelerators, we have helped our clients gain competitive advantage by significantly reducing the time-to-market.

Rising competitive pressures have made QA all the more critical, with the need to release high-quality, high-performance and high-availability software at faster time-to-market and reduced costs increasing exponentially.

We offer a wide range of testing services across the entire software development life cycle including consulting, unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, system testing and acceptance testing. By leveraging our testing capabilities, we conduct an in-depth analysis of client requirements, create extensive test frameworks and use the best-suited test methodologies to deliver a high-quality product in the stipulated time frame. Keeping pace with the advent of a new era in software testing, we are striving to constantly serve our clients in the best way by adding new concepts to our service line like cloud-based testing, mobile app testing, and analytics using SMAC approach among several others.

Depending on client requirements, we provide outsourced testing services across various software development methodologies such as Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral, Incremental, RAD and Agile. Through Agile testing, we deliver on Agile’s promise of ensuring software quality while achieving on-time delivery. We are also in line with globally acknowledged new business models to satisfy our clients through our Testing Center of Excellence, SaaS-based approach to testing, managed services business model and enterprise systems testing.

We have invested in building strong, extensible and customisable test automation frameworks with a suite of ready test cases to accelerate time-to-market. We provide consulting services and technical assistance in testing client products for industry-specific compliance and certifications.

We are a team of more than 900 QA engineers, and have matured our processes through our over 150 engagements over almost two decades. Our world-class depth and breadth of testing expertise has translated into optimum delivery and effective ROI for our clients.

ValueLabs testing services portfolio



  • Test consulting – We advise clients to effectively and efficiently use QA/ Testing Services in order to meet their business objectives.
  • On-demand testing – Our on-demand testing services offer a task/ resource-based approach to our clients. We ensure quick turnaround and time-to-market based on our flexible resource and project models.
  • Managed testing services – We deploy strategic methods for structured, improved, effective and efficient operations. We take complete ownership, responsibility and accountability for end-to-end testing activities.
  • ValueLabs Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) – Our TCOE service offers transformational services that enable sustained growth and productivity to our clients. We bring people, processes and technology to a common platform, thus driving innovation and best practices.

Our bouquet of new services with Testing 2.0


Experience our rich portfolio of quality assurance services with a strategic approach to efficient global delivery!