Test accelerators

With a greater challenge for the industry to release products quicker and reduce the time to market, there was a persistent need to accelerate and automate the testing tools and technologies as per the customer’s requirement.

The answer lies with ValueLabs in its innovation and business value it has been delivering time and again to its clients. We came up with a workflow based Test accelerator for banks and financial institutions called FinTest.

FinTest is a workflow-based test accelerator that ensures user participation in effective management of knowledge, requirements and testing.

Effective testing practices require strong knowledge management, robust & reusable frameworks, and greater user participation. To address these key areas, ValueLabs has developed FinTest – our investment to map requirements to accelerate testing. FinTest reduces the total cost of ownership of testing, improves test quality and accelerates time-to-market while ensuring compliance requirements. FinTest rides on the famous FURPS (Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance, and Supportability) software quality model. We have further extended it to include Compatibility as one of its attributes.

A snapshot of FinTest application


Key differentiators:

FinTest is an innovation addressing the testing needs of Banks and Financial Institutions effectively.

Unique features of FinTest:

Knowledge Repository: FinTest is a knowledge repository of the entire Banking landscape. Knowledge is managed in the form of workflows. It enables users to learn and understand the intricacies of the Banking practice on their own.

Flexibility: FinTest allows users to create and modify specifications (business rules, business conditions, workflows and use cases) in each phase – User management, service management, workflow management, and Use case management – of the testing process. With every modification, system generates modified test assets thus achieving the twin objectives of quality and speed.

End-to-end test management: FinTest takes care of complete test management from scoping, estimation, test plan generation, test scenario generation, and test case generation to integration with commercial tools like HP QC, OATS etc. to identify defects in the system.

Traceability: Each of the jobs in the testing process would be given a unique id simplifying defect traceability and reporting.

Key Benefits of FinTest

  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Effective Knowledge management, thus reducing training costs & re-work effort
  • Modifications to requirements allowed at any stage to build modified test assets
  • Reduces Test Design time by 20 – 25%, thus minimizing the project time-line
  • Enables access to innovations, best practices and large knowledge base
  • Provides real-time insights about user experience
  • A robust solution that ensures quality and reliability

To know more about FinTest and how we helped our clients with this solution, please write to us at fintest@valuelabs.com.