Support Is Now a Tech Feature

A conversational text & voice AI agent that accurately resolves customer & employee queries, round the clock with empathy, & learns with every interaction.


What Sets AiDE Chat™ Apart

Agent assist & training modelAgent assist & training model
Human agents can review the AI response, and tweak as needed before sending it to the end-customer. They can access the summary of the conversation on-demand reducing the need to ask customers redundant questions. The solution has self-learning capabilities and can be trained to suit diverse use cases.
One-click test case generation AI powered resolution & troubleshooting
The AI can take control of the user’s screen and perform troubleshooting steps automatically without having to wait for a human agent to be at their desk.
One-click test case generation Analytics & Admin portals
The analytics portal offers insights on CSAT metrics, deflection rate, contact frequency, etc., and the admin portal provides intuitive customization of the training documentation, agent tone guidelines, and specific business rules and alerts needed.
One-click test case generation Dynamic UX backed by real-time user patterns
The interface dynamically evolves based on the user interactions to display what is relevant, mimicking the experience one would have with a personal shopping assistant.
One-click test case generation Integrates with upstream & downstream systems
It seamlessly integrates with client APIs, enabling end-to-end query resolution and process automation.
One-click test case generation Self-serve knowledge base management
The underlying knowledge base can be easily updated and refined by business users directly and the responses will stick to the guardrails set by the knowledge base.
One-click test case generation Live Agent Transfer
Integrations to existing platforms so that calls and chats can be transferred to a human expert whenever requested.


AiDE Chat™: Value Delivered

Conversational text & voice in multiple languages
Whether you type or speak, AiDE Chat™ understands you perfectly and effortlessly communicates in your preferred language.
Relevant AI recommendations at the right time
Deliver AI powered recommendations precisely when your customers need them, optimizing decision-making and enhancing outcomes for timely success.
24×7 high touch availability
Access instant assistance round the clock, bid farewell to lengthy queues, and enjoy prompt attention without any wait time.
Has the power to say – ‘I don’t know’
It is designed to handle ‘out of context’ queries effectively. If a query is not relevant to your business, the chatbot has the power to say, ‘I don’t know’ with empathy.
Faster test cycles Analytics & Actionable Insights
Uncover valuable data & insights to improve your business, product, and tech in real time.


Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Compatibility

Our platform has been designed for effortless integration with your current systems and platforms. We understand the importance of compatibility and offer a versatile solution that seamlessly aligns with your business ecosystem.

  • API Integration
  • LLM Integration
  • Marketing Portals
  • CRM Integration


Award Winning Solution

Stevie International Business Awards® 2023
Bronze Winner, 2023
Customer service solution

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