One-click test data creation at scale!

Test data management that is intuitive, instantaneous, and at scale.


What Sets Bolt Data Hub Apart

One-click test case generationStreamlined integration to multiple data sources
Seamlessly connects to on-premise and cloud systems, facilitating integration with data lakes and more.
One-click test case generation Data anonymization & profiling
Generates data profiling and anonymization reports, offering insights and privacy protection.
One-click test case generation Test data synthesis & subsetting
Transforms original data into synthetic test data and subsets it to meet user-defined criteria.
One-click test case generation Conversation natural language queries to generate test data
Transforms natural language queries into conversations to intelligently generate and customize test data effortlessly.
One-click test case generation In-flight data masking
Performs in-flight data masking, preserving referential integrity while securing sensitive information seamlessly.


Bolt Data Hub: Value Delivered

20-30% reduction in test cycle efforts
Unlock efficiency in test cycle efforts, accelerating development and testing processes.
24/7 access to data
Enjoy uninterrupted access to essential data, empowering your team with real-time information at their fingertips.
100% coverage with comprehensive synthetic data
Attain extensive sets of comprehensive synthetic data, ensuring thorough testing accuracy.
Faster test cycles Reduced infrastructure costs
Cut down infrastructure expenses while optimizing resources and enhancing cost-efficiency for your organization’s operations.
Faster test cycles Secured sensitive data creation
Ensure data security with the creation of sensitive information, safeguarding confidential details throughout the process.
Faster test cycles Improved quality releases
Experience consistent higher-quality releases, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting organization reputation and success.

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