Lab operations have always been a challenge for healthcare companies. More so because integrating all the elements in a lab is a difficult process.

Against this backdrop, paperless labs create precisely such integrated environments and are a boon to healthcare firms that depend heavily on lab operations and output for their routine productivity. It is the ideal smart solution to optimize research time, operational costs, and improve laboratory outcomes. From the technology perspective, paperless labs are about creating data warehouses for building effective and efficient lab analytics.

An overview

No less than four kinds of Big Data are available in the healthcare market today. One such type originates from scientific and R&D laboratories. These labs generate exponential amounts of data, but multiple disintegrated heterogeneous systems in such environments make relevant information accumulate in siloed pockets. The idea is to connect these pockets to get an integrated environment – a data hub – in which:

  • There are minimal information exchange challenges
  • Research processes do not depend on manual data entry to capture experimental details
  • Laboratory processes and repositories are streamlined, ensuring higher productivity
  • Statistical engines run accurately to deliver meaningful analytical insights (even from unstructured data)

eCON, a cloud-based generic connector, developed by ValueLabs links the disparate devices and data management systems in a quality landscape. It enables interaction between various products and interfaces by integrating them.

However, eCON isn’t just a middleware tool/service. Instead, it is a one-of-its-kind, ‘smart’ solution that is specifically aligned to the healthcare domain, primarily because it catalyzes the creation of a ‘Paperless Lab.’

eCON bridges the data and device gap through such labs by:

  • Optimizing research time
  • Reducing cost of operations
  • Improving laboratory outcomes

How does eCON function?

eCON helps to:

  • Simplify lab processes
  • Optimize and integrate cross-functional collaboration between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing
  • Seamlessly integrate disparate lab applications
  • Realize the paperless labs concept
  • Perform on-demand analytics on large volumes of structured / unstructured data
  • Perform predictive analysis on large data sets
  • Apply Data Visualization Framework for business decision makers
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Increase capacity, efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce costs

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